Thursday 16 October 2014

Fat Farm

My very favorite vet came out to the farm this morning for the girl's annual checkup, shots and teeth.
The girls make me laugh because Ginger knew something was up just from my body language. Then when she saw the truck coming in the gate her fears were confirmed and she was like "NO way, I don't think so, see you later!" while Bridget was like "Oh cool, someones's coming to visit us!" Later on, while supposedly drugged/sleeping, Bridget even managed to sneak out of her stall in an attempt to visit and check out the truck more closely. Poor Ginger didn't find things nearly as exciting and fun and I'm sure will be holding a grudge for a few days.

Slightly suspicious. This is before the vet was even on the property. Her face is always so expressive :)

Ginger is not happy. Bridget in the background getting ready for the party.

It turns out both ponies needed their teeth done badly - Ginger had such sharp points she had sores in her mouth :( The vet says it looks like she prefers to chew on one side only and wears her teeth funny as a result. I should be getting them checked more often by the looks of things, I don't think Bridget has ever had her teeth done, and also had some sharp edges, but there wasn't as much work there - good thing since she woke up part way through!

Vet is also a farrier, so took a look at Ginger's foot that's been worrying me and felt it's definitely something to keep an eye on, but nothing to panic about yet. The separation is likely a result of soft feet, and extra stress (ie toes too long, pony is too heavy). So that's something we can deal with. His take is that for now, she needs to be on a diet. I agree that she's too heavy at the moment, but it's a struggle when it's a full board situation. He was also quick to mention that I'm right to be worried about laminitis - she's too heavy and our hay/pasture is quite rich. He gave me some hoof hardener and some anti bacterial/fungal stuff to put up in where it's separated. Also for Ginger's sweet itch, he said he can come back in the spring and there is an antihistamine shot she can have. Perfect! The verdict for Bridget is that she also needs to lose a bit more weight, but is on the heavier side of 'ok'. The barn cats also need to lose weight. Seeing a theme yet?
I call this one Football, because she is shaped like one. She's also super friendly and sweet, so not actually like football at all.
Semi feral barn cat that looks enough like Football that I picked her up once for a cuddle when she was sleeping. And I have never mistaken them again!

The barn owners and I had a chat after the vet left ("Oh, he said our horse was too fat last time and we had to put him on a diet!" - :) I think for their part, they're going to stop with the extra snacks, for mine I'm going to get Ginger out and exercising more. Since I'm also trying to be thinner, and we're still dog-less maybe Ginger and I will have to re-instate our semi weekly jogs in addition to regular riding :)

Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, I hope - I haven't ridden since Sunday!

Lastly, here's the other (fat) barn kitty so he doesn't feel left out:
Tom, because he showed up as a stray boy cat I want to take him home.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes! Would you believe I was up all night worrying she's foundered or something? So happy it's only minor things and easily fixed.

  2. I used to run with Brantley before I could ride. It's funny to see and hear peoples' reactions to a girl jogging with her horse. My response when they ask why I'm not riding, "Sometimes you just need to go for a run..."

    1. I used to be amazed at how many people stopped to tell me things like "you should be riding that horse!" Like I was just running along waiting for a random person's permission to ride or something? :)
      It's definitely an attention getter, but it's way more fun than running by myself and Ginger loves it - she used to get so excited to go!

  3. Agreed. I hate to think what the cat food bill is. Thank goodness the horses aren't that well fed!