Friday 17 October 2014

Happy Things Hop - Favorite Noms

From Lauren at She Moved To Texas we've got another fun blog hop!

What is your absolute favorite comfort meal?  If you want to take a horse spin on things, what's the best horse show food you've ever had?

I love, love, love all things Mexican/Tex-Mex. The food is admittedly part of the reason I want to visit Texas :) Also the main reason we go to Mexico nearly every winter, which a lot of people think is a bit weird. Seriously though, they have amazing food - it's not all sketchy burritos on the corner! If I had my way, I'd make some variation of it every night, with maybe a time out for Thai once every couple of weeks. So, in short, true comfort food to me = spicy, cheesy/creamy, with lots of fresh veggies.

My absolute favorite dish for a cold winter night is probably stuffed poblano peppers, Think Chiles Rellenos, but without the deep frying/egg batter. I just pre roast them in the oven, then stuff with a mix of rice (steamed with a homemade chipotle salsa for built in flavour and veggies) and cheeses. Then I bake them, top with some more salsa, and enjoy. If I can't find poblanos, I've been known to stuff and bake jalepenos, which are equally delicious but much more time consuming, If I'm needing extra comfort, add refried black beans on the side! Simple, easy meal but so yummy.

Our local shows are all about the hot dogs and frozen burgers...yuck. I did go to a horse event a few years back at Thunderbird that had a whole area designated for food trucks. One had fresh stir fries and a selection of sauces. I thought they were super busy because it was the only somewhat healthy food for miles, but the food was actually excellent!


  1. We do have lots of mexican food down here, and it's all delicious.

  2. There is sooooooo much delicious Tex Mex here fo ryou :-D