Tuesday 21 October 2014

Is This Really My Horse?

The other morning, when I arrived at the barn there was a man with a chainsaw cutting up some of the trees that fell down in the storm we had. He also had a large dog that was running around in and out of the bushes and the horses' line of sight, and the horse I could see was having a mini meltdown.

Beautiful boarder horse was losing her little mind:
Chainsaw massacre! Save me!

Run away!

I walked around the corner, imagining what sort of show Ginger would be putting on...

The last thing I was expecting was for her to be half asleep without a care in the world!

Seriously, pony. Not even a tiny bit of sweat or crazy eyes? 
I've mentioned before she's a lot more settled at this barn. She's quite content here and really been no trouble at all for anyone - the owners just love her. So, the rumor is offically true, I no longer own the 'drama queen' of the barn. We will gladly pass on the crown. Who would have ever thought that day would come?
Midge of course just wondered whether anyone brought food.



  1. Yay Ginger- she is so like my Kika when you describe her & Bridget makes me think you've found your Nancy. I truly hope you continue to be as happy with them as i am with my mud monsters ☺

    1. I love your descriptions of your two as well, because they remind me so much of my girls :)

    2. All the loves ♡♡♡♡

  2. Replies
    1. She's just so funny - you never know what's she's going to be up to!

  3. Replies
    1. Maybe we'll be able to sign up for our local backcountry trail clearing crew!

  4. Apparently chainsaws are akin to gentle waves for Ginger, and make her sleepy haha