Wednesday 1 October 2014

September Recap/October Goals

September Recap

Sell Some Things.
Nope. I'm a hoarder apparently. In truth, wasn't expecting September's weather to be quite so fantastic, or my dislike of online selling to be quite so off putting. Sorting through boxes of tack is something I'm saving for a day when the weather is too terrible to ride. Maybe October is the month I will check this one off?

Flatwork with Bridget.
-Steering and an understanding of what forward means are both important features in a riding pony and currently non existent in this one. Start of the idea of contact and bend a bonus. Short sessions 3-4x a week. Clinics or other outings...lots of them. Learning less of a priority than good experiences.
Done! Did all of that, plus some!
Bridget went to cowboy bootcamp
And had some fun too

Back to work for Ginger.
-For both of us, this is all a mental game. Remember to remain patient and don't be scared to push the boundaries and raise the expectations a little. She's not a baby anymore. Short rides, keeping tasks and locations varied,  3-4 times a week to start to establish some fitness and reestablish confidence in each other. At least one clinic/lesson outing in a location other than our familiar area.
Meh. Been getting her out more like 2-3 times a week the last two weeks. She was dealing with nasty sweet itch on her belly/girth area the first part of September.

Tame the wild pony.
-Not as exciting as you'd think. Ginger's mane (and beard!!) need some serious cleanup. 
It ain't pretty, since she opted to 'help' by rubbing half of it out, but it got done!
Not my best work.

Fun with friends.
-This one is more for me, but benefits the horses too. I need to not get so serious about things and remember to have fun! With that in mind, try for at least one social ride with friends per week. On the non horsey side of things, lots of quality time with G.
Done, and to excess. Need to cut back on the socializing and work a bit on ring work.

-West Coast trails! Back to running/hiking/biking 5 days a week for a 45 min minimum. The ponies deserve a healthy rider, and I want to look good in my riding clothes (and blog pictures ha ha) again, so losing another 10-15 is the goal by the end of 2014. As with riding, remember to be proud of where I am as compared to where I was and don't get negative about where I'm not (yet!). Be realistic about where I want to be and be ready to work for it. Look at the budget and consider a professional's help.
Big fail here. Dieting still on track, but feeling pretty down on myself for not keeping up with any cardio beyond hiking and pony riding. Again something I apparently have issues accomplishing when the weather is so nice and I live at the barn in my free time.

October Goals:

Carrying Forward:

-Sell Some Things



-Build/paint some jumps for use at our little community riding ring. I got the ok to do whatever I'd like, and since there are currently no jumps or even poles there, this is my (mostly self serving) project. The jumps will remain 'mine' but anyone using the ring will be welcome to use them.

-Bridget - more flatwork, as per goals outlined in last week's Progress:Bridget Edition post.

-Ginger - continue getting her out and about!

-Volunteer - These riding club memberships seem to come with a lot of volunteer hours! (Of course, I don't have to, but since I'm not working much, it seems selfish not to donate some time)

-Lessons - have my first one here on Sunday, fingers crossed it will work out to be a weekly thing.

-Two Pointober!

This picture of Bridget from yesterday has no purpose in the context of this post beyond me liking it.

The longer term plan is to get Bridget going reasonably well on the flat and over fences and be 110% ready with both horses for the show season next spring!


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