Friday 12 September 2014

Where We're At

 I'm off work, at home with nothing to do but ride and spend time with my awesome ponies, and the weather has been amazing. It's been years since I've had this much fun!

Bridget continues to be on the 'forward' program. She tends to want to do the bare minimum, so I'm still focusing on getting her thinking a little more ambitiously before we get too involved with anything else. I'll compare it to driving a car - at first she was stuck crawling along in first gear or so, now we're up to about third gear...which is better, but there's still room to go!
Cute baby pony.

I want this pace, but look at me being all impatient and asking for more.

A couple of strides later she's all muddled up..."Posting trot is weird! Also the world is moving too fast - I can't do this!" little pony says.
Back to a happier trot

Steering has also improved a ton in the last week or so. At a walk we can trick you into thinking she's got a lot more miles than she really does. Add some speed, though, like the above photos, and all bets are off. Pony brain can only handle so much at one time, and currently forward AND bending off my leg are individual efforts, not something that can always occur at the same time :) She did, however do her first proper turn on the haunches this week, which made me a very proud 'mom' indeed!

Playing with the idea of contact. Slowly but surely...we started with inverted, head in the air all day long if you even thought about touching her mouth...I'm beyond happy with this for the short amount of time she's been here. I really need to sit up and stretch my leg down, though! Always something :)
I'm realizing again how spoiled I am with Ginger, in that she's always naturally been more balanced and off my leg and wanting to move out, wanting to please you. Bridget is less athletic so things don't come as easily for her. She's also harder to convince that this working for a living thing is a good gig. She does best when we set her up with a really clear purpose that means more to her than 'because I told you so!"
Ginger came along for the ride today. She's the one striking a pose, of course :)

 Bridget's doing so well, really, and I keep counting my lucky stars she came into my life.

Such good ponies.
Ginger is also doing a lot better - her sweet itch is toning down. She still has a big scabby patch all along her belly and most of her mane missing, but it's not red or irritated anymore and seems to be healing up. I could use that as the reason I'm not riding her, because really, scabby sores on her girth do equal no riding, but honestly I've been having such fun with Bridget and was so focused on that clinic last week that this week was the first time I consciously thought I'd get Ginger going again (also just in time for a clinic this weekend - I`m terrible, I know). It wasn't until I went to do her girth up that I realized 'Oh yeah....girth not healed yet = no riding!' So yeah....sorry Ginger, your owner is a bit of a loser! Ginger has enjoyed a couple of outings with us this week regardless, and a ton of scratches on those hard to reach itchy spots, so she`s not feeling too neglected I hope. I do think I'll continue to bring them out together now and then. They get along well enough it shouldn`t be a big deal to pony one from the other, and they`re both so social - they enjoy a good visit with the neighbourhood!
Ginger keeps an eye on us and fills in as coach

Looking beautiful!



  1. Those dapples-wow!

  2. They are both such stunners, you girls dynamic reminds me of my two. Only I doubt I'll ever be able to pony from Kika ;-)

  3. September is the best month for dapples, isn't it? Love that they are both so good for ponying!

  4. Two adorable ponies! You are a luck girl. :-)