Monday 8 September 2014

I Cannot Be Trusted

To walk into a tack store alone. I have zero self control...I've been trying to find a nice halters for Ginger and Bridget and thought I'd make a quick check at our local tack store. I didn't even make it past the shelves of breeches by the door. They normally stock just the basics as far as english gear goes, but today they had a pile of super cute full seats. So, I got these:
I see our deck that desperately needs re-staining...but the light was better out there to give you the full effect of the plaid
awesomeness :) Get used to them now cause you'll be seeing a lot more of them!

Definitely NOT in the I'm-not-currently-working-and-paying-for-two-ponies budget. Oh well :)

I also got sent a few more clinic pictures from Day 1. please pardon my awful sweaty helmet hair - it was really hot out there! Here's my cute little girl showing you how horse sized teeter totters are no big deal:

She loves sticking her front feet up on things to explore - Ginger is the same...

I love the look on her face..this is right after it tipped lol



  1. Love the breeches… I am a sucker all things plaid. Bridget looks super relaxed on the teeter totter!

    1. I am also a sucker for anything plaid!

  2. Not being trusted or able to resist splurging in tack shops goes with the territory of being horsemad - the suppliers are on to a gold mine with us as we always need (want) ALL THE THINGS!
    Breeches look fab & I adore B in all those photos. You both look great ☺

    1. many more practical things in life I needed...however I love plaid and that's more important I guess :) And, thank you!

  3. Those breeches are awesome :) B looks like she's being a very good girl!