Monday 22 September 2014

Happy Pony

We've been calling Ginger the Happy Pony jokingly for years because it's literally impossible to catch her in anything but a good mood. Also, pony time puts me in a good mood, which G finds valuable ;) It spiraled from there to become a 'thing' and it rates all sorts of jokes in our house. She's basically morphed into a super pony that can eliminate any of the worlds troubles. 
Happy Pony to the rescue!
 A month or so ago, I saw a random wedding photo from a friend of a friend in another province. My friend wanted country style engagement photos like the one she had seen at the wedding she attended, but all I could think was that the horse in the photo looked an awful lot like Ginger! It turns out it was indeed her. I guess a local photographer set up country style shoot at the farm for a couple as a one off, and people saw those photos, and it's now a bit of a thing to have your wedding or grad photo at the farm with Ginger in the background. The photographer loves it because Ginger always comes to the fence to pose and "always looks so happy!". She's supposed to forward me on some shots to share here, and has promised a free photo shoot of the girls as a thank you, which I will of course also share here. You can imagine our amusement when we found out the Happy Pony has independently expanded her empire to participate in weddings and engagements :)
Who, me?

So, with Ginger's help, this weekend marked three weeks of happiness and fun and NO horse world drama.  And I enjoyed every second of it. Then yesterday, some nasty (and untrue) gossip about myself got back to me and that added with some weird dynamics at the barn put me in a bit of a funk. I know, I know, I don't need to allow those people to make me feel bad...and actually I really didn't. More just sad that the reality seems to be that we can't all just leave egos out of it, mind our own business, and enjoy our ponies and be positive and kind to each other. I could write a giant angry post, but instead I'm going to opt to use the force of the Happy Pony. Here's a bunch of pony spam that should put the world to rights again :)

You have treats, please?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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