Tuesday 23 September 2014

Two For One

With G's help, this morning I was able to get in a ride on both horses in one outing and accompany G out on a hike. So lucky to have a 'horse valet'!

Since G is not the best picture taker and the rain was really coming down, we didn't get any really nice shots, but that's OK, we had a great outing, with a quick ride in the ring on both ponies, then a trail ride where I rode Ginger through the forest for about an hour or so, with G leading Bridget. then I got on Bridget for the half hour ride home along the road. 
Those hands again. But I was so happy to ride Ginger :)

 I really need to keep putting time on Bridget. Our ride in the ring to start with was a little discouraging - the forward button was once again sticky and to be honest I called it good after pony kicking my way to a few canter strides in each direction. I've been focusing on having fun out on the trails a little too much - my efforts to get her moving in the ring left me huffing and puffing more than she was. We need to buckle down a little and get those basics more solid, as she can be quite impatient about standing as well. Definitely a respect issue in general as she's pushy on the ground too. It's great we've been having a lot of fun and putting a ton of miles on, but we need to address the respect/work ethic issue - I feel like what we do now is setting the foundation for our future together and it's not going to be all fun for Ms Bridget all the time :).
One of the many outtakes but Bridget is it at least lol

Ginger was fabulous. To be critical maybe a little too forward and excitable, but it was nice after Bridget :) We just walked and trotted and did a few leg yields and serpentines. My main goal today was to have a good trail ride on her, so the ring work was more just a check in,
Nice relaxed trot to finish

Both were excellent on the trail. We went through lots of water, over some small wooden bridges and through some tight spots and difficult footing without any issues. So nice to have my awesome Gingersnap back in trail pony mode. I don't know if I'd go so far as to say Ginger had fun - she hates the rain and is currently obsessed with one of her barn mates - but she was really well behaved and I think enjoyed the attention she got.
Good Ginger gets a hug - she doesn't look overly impressed :)

We came back down the area's main road. Bridget of course was a star and G was very impressed with her, as I always am. Ginger remains quite spooky with traffic if drivers don't move over and slow down, so I don't really ride her on the main road as I can't count on the drivers there to be horse smart. 

All in all, a nice morning that left me eager for tomorrow's ride.


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    1. Everyone needs one...it's awesome! I tried telling him he's more like my groom bringing my horse along, but he prefers horse valet ha ha