Thursday 18 September 2014

Horsey Bucket List

Here's the top 15 horsey things I still want to do (or do again) in this lifetime (in no particular order)

1. Gallop a racehorse on the track. Or any horse, really.

2. Attend Rolex (as a spectator!).

3. Multiday horse trip somewhere spectacular (the Rockies? a cattle drive? somewhere overseas?).

4. Be a pro at backing up the trailer.

5. Take a horseback backcountry park ranger job for a season. (Because this would accomplish #3 and result in me being paid to do it :)

6. Keep my horses at home.

7. Take my horse on vacation with me. I have a friend who takes her horse to Arizona in the winter to camp and ride the trails there - sounds fun!

8. Try fox hunting (but without the foxes or any other animals dying, please).

9. G wants to go to Santa Anita. I'm game.

10. Learn to drive. I do theoretically have the perfect pony for it, after all.

11. Do a competitive trail ride with Ginger.

12. Show at Spruce Meadows. Just once, even if it's over tiny jumps.

13. Build my own farm.

14. Attend either Badminton or Burghley (or both!)

15. Ride well into old age.



  1. I think those are some great goals/bucketlist items!

  2. Great list, I'll have to think on my own equine bucket list! :)

  3. Rolex is SO FUN. You should definitely go :D

  4. Awesome list! Definitely recommend Rolex! It's a blast.