Wednesday 3 September 2014

Itchy Ginger

I am so enjoying being home and being able to visit with the girls every day! These days almost make all the work stress worthwhile.

The view from my kitchen window last night.
We had non stop rain most of yesterday, so I gave Ms Ginger an ultimate spa day and hid in the barn. She's seriously the sweetest mare you could ever hope to meet - I love my quality time with Ginger, and I'd like to think she enjoys her time with me as well. I hope to get her back into regular work next week...this week I'm painting our rental house inside and out and what barn time is left I've been trying to get Bridget out in order to not completely overwhelm her at the clinic this weekend. (Side note - I know I had mentioned I'd like to bring both horses but I'm hearing some feedback about the clinician that's giving me a few doubts so I am holding out on that plan for now. I can always sign up for a riding lesson with Ginger the day of if he seems ok for that) I play head games with myself where Ginger is concerned, so I'd rather not have a bad ride if it can be helped. I'll get back at it at our own pace next week when I have time to be consistent (and have G to cheer me on). I think we'll all be happier.

That mane :(
I think I've mentioned Ginger's issues with sweet itch in the past. In the time I've had her, I've been lucky and only had one bad year. This summer, however, makes it two. We thought we had a handle on it, then in the space of about a week, she rubbed about half of her mane off :( I'm not super attached to the long mane look and was going to really shorten it anyways, but...there's a difference between having some mane and no mane at all. I spent part of my morning pulling her mane and attempting to make it look a little tidier. I opted to pull it as short as I could in hopes of it looking a little more even, but I'm pretty unhappy with the outcome. The only good thing is cobs grow mane like nothing else, so a month from now this will be that bad haircut we'll pretend never happened. Ginger is looking fabulous, but like her haircut, my pictures are terrible. It's hard to get nice pictures of her because she's my best buddy and she finds it highly difficult to stand still far enough away for a picture. She's constantly trying to come say hi, so we end up with lots of awkward shots and more than a few of her nose :)
The new (unfortunate) 'do.

One of about a million identical pics on my phone.

Looking good, though!


  1. What do you do for the sweet itch? She still looks beautiful!

    1. It feels like we've tried everything - even some stuff the vet sells. With her, it starts with her getting really irritated with the midge bites on her belly/udder, so I've found SWAT on the area is the best way to keep it curbed. i put Gold Bond in her mane and tail as well to try to stop the rubbing. That seems to keep it contained for the most part. The couple of times it's really got out of hand, I've had no luck with much of anything. We actually had to put bell boots on her this year since she rubbed her hind legs raw as well scratching at her belly :( Sorry - I wish I had better advice. As you can see by her mane, I lost the battle this year.

  2. She loves her mama time ♡
    She is looking great, haircut and all. Best of luck with all the painting. I hope yourself & B have a fab time at the clinic.