Saturday 27 September 2014

September's 10 Questions

L Williams at Viva Carlos has 10 more excellent questions for us. Yay!

  • Is there something you don't like about your riding? My lower back hurts. I think this is why my right leg and heel want to creep up all day long so I can sit on my left seatbone. It really bothers me since it's not fair to my horses for me to sit so crookedly! Been focusing on it hugely and feel like there's been great progress...then I see pictures where it's still in evidence here and there and hate myself a little. Also impatient to finish losing the extra weight - not only do I think I'll look better in the saddle, I think being smaller will help me ride better/more effectively.

  • Does your horse buck? Ginger is more a fan of the spin and bolt - her bucks in the field look super awkward. Bridget's done a little rear and crowhop, but again, not showing much talent for rodeo :)
    Ginger's signature move

  • Is your horse head shy? Bridget - never. Ginger - if she doesn't know you she can be very head shy and convince you I beat her. If she knows you or you give her a treat she's instantly cured of that. 

  • Favorite barn chore to do? I love doing repairs and landscaping - anything that makes the place better. I like cleaning and doing stalls, but the satisfaction is obviously not quite so long term!

  • How many times do you ride a week? Twice a week while I was away, now we are pushing a month at 6-7 days a week and I'm just loving it!

  • Who is your favorite pro rider? Tough one. I really like to watch Carl Hester's videos - he's so light and positive and has an amazing sense of timing. I do love eventing though, so I'll pick Mary King since she's an amazing rider and also seems like a good person from the interviews I've seen.

  • If one pro rider could train you for one day who would it be? For one day only? Hmmm. If I could magically learn one thing from someone it would be more confidence going faster over bigger fences, so maybe I'd choose to be out with a steeplechase jockey or something! Or, I'd pick one of my above choices or any of the eventers who also seem to produce good dressage tests consistently...WFP, Ingrid Klimke, etc. I'd be super super nice to them and be a barn slave to try to get that one lesson extended to many!

  • Favorite Facial Marking? Nice even blaze.
    Sensing some similarity here

  • Leg Markings or No Leg Markings? All or nothing! Either 4 evenly marked whites or none at all. I'm apparently OCD about markings.

  • Ever broken anything falling off? Does confidence count?
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    1. I broke my confidence too (and also my wrist)! Ginger has lovely white do you keep them so clean?

      1. She's a girly girl so is usually clean, but in a pinch Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover is amazing :)

    2. Love your matchy girls :)

      1. Thanks, I have a thing for bays with chrome - I have to remain all silent now when people do the rant about buying for color ha ha

    3. Ginger's signature move doesn't look fun to sit hehe. This questionnaire looks fun. I might have to do it. :)