Thursday 2 May 2013

The Mane Event (Redux)

The Mane Event is a horse expo held here in Western Canada. It has the giant trade show you'd expect, several clinicians, a trainer's challenge, as well as various demos and breed displays.

We're kind of groupies this year because we went to the one in Vancouver last fall, and then the one in Red Deer, AB this past weekend. I think I'm good for a few years now, and I'm pretty sure G has had enough for a lifetime :)

We went to this one because it was on our way and they are known for having really great trailer displays. Since we are still half heartedly shopping for a trailer for Ginger, it was nice to be able to compare all the brands and models in one place. Also, Alberta has no provincial sales tax so the prices are a little more reasonable!
I think this is the one: Circle J Mirage 2H:
Its an aluminum trailer on a steel frame, which is nice for us because it keeps the weight down. Our `big`truck is more than capable, but I`d love to have the option of using my little truck for short hauls or emergencies. There is a lighter model, but it`s also a bit smaller, and I think Ginger will need the extra space in the Mirage. These run in the ballpark of 10-12k new here in Canada, so obviously it`s a big purchase and something I`ll spend a few more months considering ;)

I also wanted to check out George Morris again. I have to say, the last couple of times I've seen him I leave admiring his skill and insight, but cringing on behalf of that one poor rider or jump crew member who inevitably becomes the target of his wrath. You have to admire the guy though, without fail he puts his money where his mouth is and gets on the more difficult horses to show everyone what he`s looking for and how to accomplish it. This time, he came across as a bit mellowed - still saving some nasty comments for some, but with a little less edge and a bit of a smile. As usual, I learned a lot, but this time I was wishing the venue was smaller since a number of people chose to chat and compare shopping deals, making it difficult for others to hear everything. Really, though for the $15 entry, I shouldn't complain!

We stayed and saw the breed demos and admired the Canadian Horses in particular. Some of them could easily pass for a black Welsh D and they have such wonderful temperaments. There are a couple of breeders local to me on the coast and if my cob girl hadn't chosen me I'd probably be riding a Canadian. It's probably sacrilege to the welsh breeders, but I often think the two would make a lovely cross :)

Hubba hubba. Webpage:

If anyone is familiar with the TV show "Mantracker", I literally bumped into the original mantracker this weekend. One of my friends just loves him, so I would have liked to get her a picture or autograph, but I was far too embarrassed and tongue tied after practically running him over when I tried to squish through an open door that was apparently being held open special for him-  I really didn`t want to miss that Canadian Horse demo lol. At least my friend can rest easy that I will be no competition for her since I am probably now memorable for all the wrong reasons ;)

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