Thursday 9 May 2013

Help Me Shop!

My much loved 'everyday' riding boots are finally nearing the end of their lives. Ditto my helmets, both of which took a tumble with me in the past few months and need to be replaced.

My current boots are the Mountain Horse High Rider ones. They look like this:
Or, I should say, looked like that. They're pretty beat up and the sole has started to seperate from the boot. After 5 years, though, I'm pretty impressed. Especially as I wore them to the barn every winter and did stalls in them as well. Sadly, they don't make them anymore so I need to look elsewhere.
Since I do have a pair of nice tall boots for showing, my new boots don't need to be super fancy or show worthy. I'd like them to be respectable enough for clinics and lessons. I won't kid myself and think I'll find another pair I can beat up as much as the last, but they do need to be comfortable enough to walk in or do chores in the odd time I forget my 'barn boots'. I'd prefer tall boots to paddock boots and half chaps.
I'm considering these:
Ovation Aeros
I might even go for the brown, since the majority of my lesson breeches are black. Anyone have any other recommendations?

Next up, helmets:

I had the Tipperary Sportage one, and I have to say the shape wasn't quite right. I LOVED how light and airy it was, particularly in the summer, but it wasn't very comfortable.

My other helmet that got trashed was the Troxel Reliance. I like the price point (about $150) and the style - it's fine for schooling and I used it for a local show or two as well. It's also comfy! But it is baking hot and horrible to wear in the summer.
Like so:
Anyone have a helmet they think I should try? Like the boots, it doesn't have to be show worthy, but should be respectable enough for some bigger name clinicians. Comfort is key, and I'd love for it to come in around $150 or less - not too pricey to replace when I inevitably fall off again :) I also am not very big, so a smaller profile helmet is preferred and will hopefully keep me from looking too much like a bobblehead!


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  1. I have an IRH Xtreme, and love it! Get the brown boots - they are so pretty :)