Saturday 4 May 2013

How Now?

About a month or so ago, I really hit rock bottom and seriously started to reconsider whether the horse thing was really "worth it". In 20 some years of horses it's the first time I've felt that way - the barn has always been my go-to happy place. I just wanted to run away and hide Ginger in our backyard and feed her treats, admiring her gorgeous self with no worries or drama.

Of course, I won't air all the dirty details on the internet. I love the barn owner at home, but things changed there as time went on and her responsibilities grew. I ended up basically doing self board, so Ginger was OK...and it's entirely possible I'm too fussy...and I should mind my own business... And I got super stressed about it.  It's a small town, there's nowhere else to go, I didn't want to hurt her feelings...yadda yadda yadda. I didn't realize what a weight would be lifted after Ginger got moved to her old home, where I know she's getting excellent care, has lots of turnout and friends and is just generally happy. It's also far less expensive, which is always helpful :)

The lack of lessons was also getting to me...I'm a person who loves trail riding, but I also like to feel like I have a purpose and we are progressing. I did try to get us involved in some clinics, but this year our luck didn't quite hold out, with me getting a nasty concussion and Ginger feeling generally bodysore - which we now know may be partly due to selenium, but I still have a hunch ulcers were involved.

Finally, the stress of moving. As we know, Ginny does not trailer well. She's polite and quiet, but she refuses to eat or drink which is a big worry on long hauls. Add to that the seeming impossibility to get any of the haulers to deviate their route even for a very special pony...and the fact that the one who finally agreed to wasn't answering their phone or returning emails and couldnt give a time frame for pickup. The end result of it all was me already being on the road and Ginger being moved over a two day time period and no one thinking of giving myself or the recieving barn owner a call....I basically felt like puking when I heard the trailer just randomly showed up one morning to deliver Ginger. Thank goodness they were home! We had both assumed she was still waiting to be picked up since no one thought to inform us otherwise. She arrived looking stressed and 'thin' so the only good part of the story is that I made the right decision in choosing not to have her brought all the way out here.

So, as the title, says, How Now?

Well, for now, I don't need to worry about Ginger. She's living the horsey version of an all inclusive vacation with your best friends.

I'm meeting with Lainey's new owners on Monday to sign the bill of sale and pick up the cheque. Bittersweet, but the right thing to do.

As far as lessons? I can take lessons at the barn here any time I'd like to start. I can half lease, I can show, basically there are plenty of options there. Will it be the same without Ginger? No, not really. I'm planning on taking a lesson once a week or so to get my fix, but beyond that, sorry, I'm saving my 'horse' money for Ginger - this may be a boring few months for blog readers!

I wish I could tell you what the direction forward will be, but I'm not quite sure myself. I'm happy to have this work term to think it over and get reenergized.There are plenty of options on the table, which is a reassuring thing. And of course, those options all involve Ginger and the ever patient and wonderful G.
My truck the other morning - when is the next flight home, again?


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