Sunday 19 May 2013

Property Hunters

There are two properties that interest us at the moment but neither is perfect, and if I'm honest I'm not sure we'll end up making an offer on either. Last night we were discussing the pros and cons of each and couldn't even decide between the two. So, for interests sake, let me know which you'd choose:

Option A:
-Super cute log house on 6 acres. Move in ready.
-24x48 garage would make perfect barn. (It was supposed to be a workshop for a potential business so it's on it's own driveway on the opposite side of the property to the house- not exactly ideal for our garage, but perfect for a barn!)
-Property nicely landscaped, has a pond, previously had horses, is fenced, has sone trees for privacy.
-Is in a horsey suburb, all my horse friends would be nearby!
-Is underpriced because of the tenants and ramshackle outbuildings- it's not being presented at it's best.

-Old barn needs to be torn down.
-Property has had tenants for two years- yard is a bit neglected and needs some work.
-Need to build a garage
-Need to reno existing garage for horses.
-If I'm being fussy, I'd love new kitchen cabinets and countertops and would change a few of the windows and interior doors.
-Street is a busier one. Our major concern. Still could easily ride to the trails, but would have to go a couple of blocks first on busy street. Might have nightmares about horses escaping onto busy road!

Option B:


-HUGE timber frame barn built from wood off the property.
-13 acres fully in pasture, fenced and cross fenced.
-Perfect location on dead end rd close to town and within riding distance of equestrian club grounds.
-Land is dry for there - year round turnout!
-sentimental reasons, it's subdivided from the ranch I rode/worked at as a kid!


- No house. This is almost a pro because we could build what we like.
- No septic installed yet.
- Barn currently houses sheep - would need some minor renos just to house horses, or a moderate amount of work to make it amazing.
-barn is actually way larger than we need. Maybe a barn/ garage combo?

Both are listed at the same price, but we have to assume option B will cost a lot more once the house is built. Funds are available for either option, but A would allow us to keep our current house and have additional rental income.

G has his pick made, but I'm still tempted to wait for an option C: the perfect place.


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