Tuesday 30 April 2013

Ponies, Ponies, Everywhere!

Sorry for the delay updating this - life is almost back to what passes as normal around here and we'll get all caught up shortly!

After an overnight in Vancouver, we were ready for the 6 hour drive to Ginger's summer camp aka Carrick Welsh Cobs.

I'm so lucky to have G in my life. Even after so many years together, we can make each other laugh to the point of tears over the most ridiculous things. This sign in a rest stop washroom being case in point: 'Do Not Drink'

"But I'm so, so, thirsty!" Do they seriously have a problem with people drinking out of the toilets here?

We arrived to a warm welcome at the farm just before dinner. I was immediately rounded up to head out for a surprise trail ride so they could show me the area. I was so excited to ride another Section D! I was given the cutest little buckskin mare. She's about 14.1hh, and rides a bit like a little sports car. I thought that the difference in height would be a bit for me to get used to, but she felt really similar physically to Ginger under saddle so I immediately felt at home riding her. She also had the same forward walk and giant, powerful canter as Ginger. The only difference was the trot - Ginger's is more level, while I could feel this girl has a little more knee and hock action. I wanted to take her home with me! We did a quick tour through some rolling fields up to the bottom of a vineyard, then returned back for an amazing dinner. Welsh people are seriously nice! Sadly, no pictures of the ride since I was caught of guard and didn't even think to bring my phone.

After dinner, we met all the ponies. The mares all live together in a large field and came running up to the fence to compete for our attention. Like the farm owners, the ponies were seriously friendly :) The mares vary in size : I'll hazard a guess and say the smallest is around 14hh, but she's only three years old, so room to grow. She's a little bay mare and I want to bring her home with Ginger. The tallest is about 15.1hh and by strange coincidence is Ginger's grandma! Ginger wasn't bred by this particular farm, so it was a surprise to see a relative there. Grandma Meg is a beautiful black mare and has the same funny giant lower lip as Ginger. Too cute! I'm pretty sure Ginger is going to be very happy at the farm living with Grandma and the other mares. They have lovely big pastures and a more natural life style than can be found on the coast.

Hangin' in the pasture - Ginger's soon to be herdmates

Grandma Meg courtesy of Google images

Meg again, thanks to Google. My pictures unfortunately didn't turn out all that well and don't do the girls justice

I want to bring this girl home. Dreamhorse Sale Ad

Or maybe this one.  Old Ad Here - not sure if she's still for sale, but lots of eye candy pics there!

One last picture before we left. The buckskin in the back was my riding buddy, and also the dam of the mare in the picture immediately above this one.

Next up, we visited the geldings. They're both little chestnut cuties and one in particular reminds me of CobJockey's Connor:

Here's a more glamorous shot of him I found via Google:
There's also a gorgeous gelding who was (I think) bred to be a Sec B, but he grew to 14.2hh!! He's amazing and looks like a mini warmblood - not cobby at all but so, so classy. He loves to jump and it sounds like he's been cleaning up at competitions. He's for sale and you know you want him! Sorry, link to ad is old, but gives you an idea: Awesome Jumper Pony

One last thing I really need to mention. All the cobs at this farm seemed so level headed! Only being familiar with Ginger, I never thought I'd go to a farm of Welsh D's and have the owner be wavering between three or four completely safe and sane cobs for their guest to ride. I'm impressed with her breeding program - all the horses at the farm seem to be really nice all purpose types with good minds. Of course, we started talking suitable studs for Ginger ;) G was worried I was going to sign her up for a date, but I'd hate to be without my riding horse next spring and the logistics of having a foal would also have to wait until we have a larger property. There`s also the tiny fact that I`m not sure its something I`d even really want to do - you hear so many horror stories of breeding or foaling gone wrong I`m not sure I`d sleep for 11 months! :)



  1. AHHHHHHHHHHH how cool! That level-headed type of Cob is what you would find at Connor's breeder's too, besides Connor. We got the special ones, you and I. ;-)

    I find with the Cobs that even the smaller ones tend to ride more like horses than like ponies, I'm not surprised that you felt comfortable. How awesome to get a choice! That guy does look a lot like Connor especially through the hindquarters and leg structure - looks a lot like Connor's sire, actually. Better shoulder than Connor, look at that reach! Okay I am going to have to show him to Connor's breeder and she's going to ask: did you happen to get his registered name or his breeding?

    1. His registered name is Huber's Tivador. I'm pretty sure he used to be a stud - I'm sure when I was looking a few years back there was a farm that he was featured at in BC and I want to say they do competitive driving with their cobs?.One of those friend of a friend who mentioned it sort of things, I don't think they have a web page. At any rate, he is now a gorgeous gelding :)Here's the pedigree I found:


  2. How fun! Well maybe you'll get the chance to ride some of the ones you liked if you're boarding Ginger there.

  3. I wish there were herds of Cobs near by me. So cool to see a group.
    I have seen that Prefix Huber before, but can't remember where I saw it. He is cute though.
    I love that Ginger gets to go out with her grandma. I know that Rosemary reconnected with her mother when Roscoe's breeder bought her. The breeder used the mother to help catch Rosemary.

  4. Beautiful ponies! I can't believe the toilet sign... that's hilarious. :)