Wednesday 8 May 2013

Quick Barn Visit

I drove out to the barn the other night in sunshine and 30 degree weather ( 86 for my farenheit friends). Compare that to the  below freezing temps and snow we saw last week and it seems I've been given the standard Alberta welcome!

The drive seemed really, really long. I'd forgotten how long! I got off work at 5 and M and Lainey's lesson was at 6, so I missed the first half. The part I did see looked really nice - M has been working hard with Lainey all winter and had Lainey braided and dressed in purple polos and a matching pad for the occasion. So cute.

Lainey seems just like I remember. I love her dearly, but I have to admit to watching
and being slightly relieved I'm not the one still picking at that inside shoulder and her tendancy plow along on the forehand in robo-horse mode given any opportunity. Lazy, stubborn girl :)
The flip side to her take control mentality is that she's incredibly safe and takes very good care of her rider - perfect for a younger rider moving up and needing a bit of a challenge, but not too much! I'm very pleased with how things have worked out and took the check happily, then shed a few tears on the drive home. I had to have a mini pity party since Lainey is sold and Ginger is on vacation - the first time I've essentially been horseless since college. Overall, though, I have a sense that this is all meant to be.

I get regular Ginger updates, and it sounds like she's settled in super well and is going to be joining the mares in the big pasture shortly. She's been in a smaller paddock for the time being, just in case she picked up a bug on the trailer ride and also to get her used to having green grass. She's been spending her time looking for attention from the barn owner and her staff and generally making herself a favorite. The barn owner has found another hauler for next time, I guess he delivered a horse to her and picked another up and she was super impressed. The last hauler came with excellent references too, so I'll still be a little worried.Thankfully, it's not for a few months yet. I've been promised pictures of Ginger now and then, and I'll be sure to post them here.

After paying Ginger's last vet bill and her hauling, it seems like my horsey fund is depleted for the month. I'm looking to start lessons in June and I'm already quite excited about it! I'll admit to being pretty jealous at the barn the other night as everyone is already into their show seasons and for the most part having a lot of fun! I've been invited to tag along next time, which I may have to do. My days and particularly my weekends seem pretty empty without Ginger around.

Lastly, it seems like several of my favorite bloggers are having a very unlucky spring. So, a quick shout out to those of you dealing with much more serious horsey issues than myself - you're in my thoughts and I'm hoping for positive outcomes for all of you!

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