Sunday 14 April 2013

Spa Day

I've been avoiding dealing with the crazy Welsh Cob mane Ginger is blessed with. I thought it might look nice longer...or so I told everyone to try to justify my laziness.

She's got such a pretty head and neck it's really not overly flattering when I let that super thick mane hide them -she instantly looks like she's got a short, thick neck. Since she has a looong back, I'd especially like to avoid having her neck look uber short.

She also continues to shed like crazy. I give her a good grooming about every second day, and for the last couple of weeks, I swear I comb out more dead hair each time than Lainey sheds in an entire season.

She has four white socks, and it's April on the Wet Coast. Never a good thing.

I finally had to break down and stage an intervention on myself. Today, it was time to stop procrastinating and get Ginger looking like the beautiful girl she is.

Too ashamed of her mane and general state of filth to face the camera:

I have no self esteem left and must comfort eat

I have to give Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover a rave review. It says on the bottle to just spray it on and rub it in. Since I'm allergic to just about everything leaving products on Ginger makes me nervous. I usually hose her legs off after a minute or so. The stuff still works amazingly well - her feathers were all full of clay dirt and it got that right out and left her legs sparkling. I usually run a plastic mane comb through after, but with the Cowboy Magic, there was no need - it must have a detangler in it as well. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick way to get their horse presentable.
 I literally spent an hour and a half just on her mane before my patience was up. Still a long way to go, but a definite improvement:
Pull my mane all you like...there's more where that came from.

 She's still pretty fuzzy, but at least it's a kind-of-under-control-fuzzy now. I'm loving the dark bay she is now, but it's going to be short lived. You can probably see on her face and flanks where her real summer coat is coming in and it looks to be fairly light in color this year. Like many welsh, she started off life as a pale chestnut kind of color, with a silver mane and tail. Then, when she was about 2 or so, her legs, mane, and tail started growing in black and her body got more of a deep bay color. She's actually registered as a chestnut, but she sure looks bay! It's always interesting to see what color she sheds out to in the spring.

A few randoms of Ginny enjoying the day, and the new grass:



  1. I love Cowboy magic products. I keep the green spot remover in the trailer for touch ups before the show.
    We need to work on Roscoe's mane, it has gone wild, but he so hates the process.

  2. She looks great after the Spa treatment!

  3. She looks very pretty after her makeover :) The Cowboy Magic stuff is amazing, I love it too.