Monday 1 April 2013

Beautiful Weekend

Four consecutive days of sunshine and warm weather on the coast, on a long weekend? If it wasn't for the sunburn, I'd be pretty sure I've been dreaming.

Way too nice out to sit inside
I was up super early the other morning- it's spring and the birds are up early! There are a couple of pileated woodpeckers nearby doing their thing and one thinks it's super cool to tap away on our metal chimney liner at the first hint of dawn. It's SO loud and if his girlfriend to be has any sense, she will NOT find it sexy and we won't be subjected to a new generation of this ;) So, since I was awake I got this neat iPhone pic of the full moon over the water:

 Ginny is shedding like crazy. I'm not sure how or why she grew so much hair this winter but it's all coming out at once. Our days are getting up around 18 degrees C which means we're out on the deck drinking margaritas and Ginny is at the barn sun tanning naked - her blanket is officially in storage for next year. Her summer coat is coming in super shiny and healthy and, as only a cob can, she's gained weight just in the last week. Partly, I'm sure, from getting her teeth done, and partly from me running up every day for the past three weeks and feeding her a flake of hay at lunch. That makes me hopeful that what the vet finds will be minor and oh so tempted to just try a short ride :).
Looking a bit better already (and out for a hike - don't worry, clearcut in the background isn't part of the farm ;)

I'm pretty sad to have missed my clinic this weekend. The weather was phenomenal and I'm itching to ride! Luckily I managed to give my clinic spots to the most deserving person ever and I was able able to experience the clinic vicariously through her.This weekend's clinician was an eventer lady from Vancouver. She grew up here, and actually was Lainey's previous owner as well. She's got a knack of being able to quietly and patiently fix fairly serious issues with horse and rider and still keep the lesson positive and fun. I've loved all the previous lessons I've had with her and hope to be able to have some more in the future.

The vet should find out later this week what the test results come back as. It will be nice to move forward and hopefully get back on track. The last few months have been a bit of a washout and I'm feeling like it's time for things to start going our way again!

In the meantime, we've been enjoying the weather and taking Ginny out for lots of hikes. I'm pretty sure the neighbours think we're totally nuts! We don't have a dog at the moment and Ginny has such excellent manners to lead, so G has kind of gotten into the idea of walking Ginny on his days off.  It's super cute. They both seem to love the outings and each other so I think it's great.
Taking Ginny "swimming" at a lake


  1. This is my first visit, and Ginny is so cute! Fingers crossed for good vet results.

  2. My first visit too, learned of your blog through Cob Jockey! Looking forward to reading more, and hopefully the vet has good news!

  3. Thank you both! We're still waiting on the results and hoping they're good - I'm getting anxious waiting!