Sunday 21 April 2013

Playing Tourist

I started out the day feeling very lazy and sleepy. Then the sun came out and I was magically energized! Today is my last full day here to do as I please. I don't leave until Wednesday, but Monday and Tuesday are scheduled full trying to finish the never ending bathroom renos! Ginger is going to leave on Thursday or Friday, so unfortunately we won't get to see her settled in to her temporary home :( We do still have a visit there scheduled Wednesday and I look forward to showing you lots of Welsh Cobs. This breeder has a few beauties, and some are for sale if anyone is looking...

I finished planting the garden this morning. Gardening is one of my favorite things so it's a little bittersweet this year - by the time I get back home the garden will be long done. Still, an excellent way to spend the morning. It's horse related too because Ginger supplies all the compost!

We then headed up to the barn and said hi to Ginger. We were going to take Ginger for a good hike, but unfortunately there was a bit of drama at the barn (not involving me, thank goodness) so I opted to just head out and enjoy the day rather than take a chance on spending part of my last 'free' day with negativity.

We went for a last hike up one of our mountains. I have no idea what the real name of it is, so I just call it 'Death Mountain', because I feel like dying by the time I puff my way to the top. It's gorgeous, but sadly it's too steep and rocky to get a horse up the trail.

'Death Mountain' south/west facing views:

Not sure I would trust Ginger near the drop off :)

North views:

Following that, we went for dinner at a little village up the coast from us. It's a cute little ex fishing village that now bases most of it's income off the summertime yachting crowd that comes up from the US. View from our dinner table:

Then, my favorite part of the day (particularly with the barn drama this morning). We went for a drive in our favorite rural neighbourhood and took a closer look at a hobby farm we're sort of interested in. It's got a cute little log house and about 6 acres of nice land - more than enough for Ginger :) No pics because I don't want to jinx anything!
Finally, an ice cream on our deck, enjoying the sunset:

Sorry it's not an overly horsey related post, but I thought you might enjoy the scenery considering in less than a week you'll be back to seeing pictures like this :

Typical Sask view - pretty exciting stuff hey? ;)
This one was sort of cute, though!



  1. I can't wait for the Cob photos!

  2. I swear this has been a weekend for barn drama. Lovely photos!