Sunday 7 April 2013

Oh My!

Someone is feeling really, really good. Still no word from the vet/lab, but I think Ms Gingersnap has done her best to convince rest of the barn she's made a full recovery.

I arrived at the barn at lunch time, like always. I grabbed the wheelbarrow and manure fork and headed to Ginger's paddock, like always. Except according to Ginger, this is the very first time she's ever seen a wheelbarrow. SUPER scary. And that manure fork? Surely I mean to stab her with it and roast her over the pits of hell? Cue wide eyed, "OMG I want to come say hi to you, mom, but that cart of death is in my way! I can't stay away, I must visit you...but that manure fork...OMG you are tossing my poo into the wheelbarrow! If it can make my poo disappear surely we're all doomed! Quick, run while I can still save you!"

Predictably, all of this is followed by a sudden desperate need to rush into her newly cleaned stall and take the longest pee ever. I've been trying to save what little dignity the poor girl has, but I think we need to mention she has this thing about peeing in her stall. I can feel her getting wiggly and uncomfortable on our rides sometimes, but she will not pee until she's back in her stall. And only I am allowed to watch. G has great fun pretending to walk away and then peeking back around the corner so she'll get to her spot and then have to hold it - really ridiculous behaviour on both their parts. I wonder what the neighbours think when I'm like "Hey, G! Stop being a perv and let Ginger pee in peace!"

After finally figuring out that the whole wheelbarrow drama was likely because she wanted to pee and the wheelbarrow was not welcome to 'watch', I let her out into the big sand round pen to burn off some steam. And did she ever! Someone has found that big bouncy canter she lost a month or two ago. If I'm critical, she still looks a bit tight through her back and hind end, but she's much improved from even a couple of weeks ago. She's still fairly sensitive to the touch, so no miracle cures here, but the break and a bit of sunshine seems to have made some difference. Let's hope the lab gets around to sending some results one of these days so we can really start to get to the bottom of things. Vet will be back visiting in a week so they'd better have the results in by then! It's beautiful here, but the isolation factor and lack of a local equine vet really stinks sometimes. I think my next post will have to be about the love/hate relationship I have with this area.


  1. I passed your blog along to a friend who owns a Cob bred by my breeder. She is going through some very similar things to what you're going through, and I thought the two of you could commiserate! She doesn't have a blog, but does comment, so hopefully she reaches out. I totally understand on the wheelbarrow thing - it's amazing what can suddenly become scary.

  2. Thank you! I've come across three separate ads for cob mares lately, on the cheap side because they can't be ridden due to being cold backed/sensitive. Too weird and of course got me all worried until G kindly reminded me I've been riding Ginger for quite a while now and if there was a serious issue, wouldn't I have noticed before now? Silly man makes sense sometimes.

    Hopefully her pony is feeling better soon and we won't need to commiserate - but I do always love hearing from more cob owners!

  3. Good thing she is feeling better! Funny about the peeing - Simon prefers the wash rack and I would much prefer he chose the stall!