Thursday 4 April 2013

Back to Reality

We're back to rainy-cloudy-hide-inside west coast spring weather and we're still waiting for Ginger's test results - I'm getting super impatient!

I've been preoccupied the last few days trying to get everything packed and prepared for the move back to Alberta/Saskatchewan. It's kind of nice this time around because I've got a set work term of 6 months - I'm just going to take the bare essentials with me rather than load up the truck with furniture (or if I'm being truly honest, horse tack. Why I own all this stuff is beyond me, why I felt it necessary to fill my truck with it last time is beyond any rational explanation :)

As a back up measure, I've also contacted the farm I bought Ginger from. They live in the interior of BC on a beautiful farm and breed Welsh D's. Ginger isn't a direct product of their breeding program, but my understanding is that she lived there for most of her life prior to me purchasing her. Just in case Ginny's not back to 100% and needs a time out they've offered to board her for me while I'm working. Not ideal for me, since I'd be missing her like crazy, but really the perfect situation for Ginger. I wish she could just stay here until she's ready to move, but I self board and adequate full board with good turnout simply isn't available locally. Our plans to buy something have been limited by the available market and the fact I'll be gone again for a few months. Let's hope we find something when I return - I miss having the horses at home and it's way less stressful than arranging boarding.

Hopefully, I'm preparing for nothing and she'll be fine to make the trip out with me :) G and I have  planned lots of fun things into our trip since we didn't go anywhere this winter and it will be our last chance to spend time together until we take a summer holiday. So far, we're going to visit the Welsh D breeder I mentioned. I'm pretty excited about that! We're also going to hit the Mane Event in Red Deer. It's a big horsey expo type thing with lots of great clinicians so it should be interesting. We`re going to go to a couple of NHL games as well to keep G happy.

Last night, I went out for a fun movie night with some other horsey friends. I've said it before, but we've got such a great group of people locally. Sadly, while the people were great, the general consensus was the movie was terrible - even by horse movie standards. If you're interested, it was called "Amazing Racer" :

It's about a girl who's had a bit of a rough time and a standardbred horse she races. I won't ruin it by telling the rest just in case you're interested in watching it :)


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  1. I saw that movie too! It's beyond awful, but at least you had good friends to enjoy it with :)