Friday 29 March 2013

Lainey Update

Lainey is off to her new home at the end of the month. Luckily for now she's staying at the barn in Alberta I board at, so I'll still get to see her and say goodbye in person. I knew I would be relieved to find her great home and have a little extra cash in the bank, but I feel quite sad as well. She's been my partner for a number of years now (I've owned her since she was 2) and we've done a lot and come a long way together. Even though we don't necessarily 'click', she's a good girl and really became a part of our little family. I was half hoping the new owner would opt out of purchasing her so I could hit an event or two this summer with my little cross country machine. Sadly, I can't justify the expense of a horse we keep around mostly for the entertainment value of her super alpha mare attitude. G, being the ultimate guy, thinks she's forever the coolest horse on earth because she once chased a black bear off our property. He thinks we should keep her just in case we need something to guard our farm in the future :) I think she'll be much happier channeling her skills for good rather than evil - she's proving to be a great little hunter/ jumper for her new owner and by all accounts they make a wonderful match. She's found herself the best possible home, and who am I to interfere with that? So, good luck Lainey, we'll miss you!

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  1. It's sad to say goodbye, but they're all in our lives at the right times for the right reasons. You did well by her to find such a good home!