Friday 15 March 2013

May 1st

Is the official date I start back at work in Alberta/Saskatchewan! I'm going to stay all the way through the rest of 2013, then head back to beautiful BC permanently. I'm one of the lucky few who can honestly say they like their job and their coworkers so I'm quite happy to return for a few more months, although of course I'll be missing G like crazy. I'm also really excited to get back into a regular lesson program with Ginger, plus have the opportunity to attend so many more shows and clinics. Alberta is pretty much a horse lover's heaven in the summer and this year I intend to take full advantage. I've even tentatively planned a girl's weekend to the Spruce Meadows Masters in September with my friends from BC.

Sunshine, green grass, and rolling hills. I can't wait. This was Ginny's pasture last summer. The entire property is 640 acres, which seems enormous when 10 acres is 'huge' here on the coast.

Today was a wet and miserable day but I sucked it up and got Ginger out and about. We just went down to the club grounds. Knowing there was no hope for my Stubben, (which although new-ish is not exactly known for it's padding) I tacked up with my cushy western saddle and went "wenglish".  Sadly, it only took a few minutes in the saddle before my tailbone was screaming and I had to get back off and hobble around again. Frustrating. I'll have to try a sheepskin or gel pad for a bit, I guess. I put an old couch cushion in the truck so I can drive around comfortably. Our town is a retirement destination so my vehicle cushion is actually quite fashionable - everyone else has one too! Sadly I don't think I can attach it safely to Ginger :) You're all probably getting sick of me whining about how sore/beat up I am - it's kind of starting to sound like the hospital waiting room around here lol. Remind me again never to get old! Or to at least stop falling off.

Wenglish. Complete with sparkly dressage browband. We're such trendsetters ;)
Ginger ended up just having a good lunging session and a visit with a couple of friends. I also went back to square one and spent some time hanging off of her and generally being a nuisance, in hopes that the next time (which there hopefully there won't be!) I slide around up there she's a little more tolerant. We spent a lot of hours sacking her out before my first ride, but a recap never hurts and gives me a little bit more peace of mind.

She's a pretty amazing little horse. Even with just some light riding and regular lunging the last couple of weeks, her topline and general muscle tone are already noticeably improving.

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