Saturday 9 March 2013

Tack Sale & Clinic

What a fun day! We had a tack and bake sale at our club grounds today. I actually made more than I spent and got rid of a few things that have been cluttering up the basement for far too long. Today wasn't a total win though, because I did end up eating too much baking instead of bringing a healthy lunch :)

Today's clinic was a western horsmanship one with a lady that competes at 'world' level with the APHA. I've taken the odd lesson with her in the past because she's got a 'get it done' sort of attitude that gives me that push I need to get through a tough spot. She's also a lot of fun and generally positive to ride with - she exposes your weaknesses but at the end of the day she is able to make it all a positive experience for horse and rider. She sets up amazing trail courses and patterns which I find a lot of fun. I just watched for a bit this time because she's here to do a western pleasure and showmanship clinic and I don't think Ginny or I are western pleasure material ;). I honestly also don't think Ginny would be a good match for this particular instructor. Still, it's great to be able to go watch and I did pick up a couple of tips I'd like to try with Lainey if she's around this summer.

I've signed up for a clinic on the last weekend of March with an eventing coach and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm hoping we can really get to work on that canter and just generally get an honest evaluation of where we're at from a fresh set of eyes.

I still haven't heard back from work, but I'm assuming we'll be back in regular lessons with Trainer Girl around mid-April. That's also a very exciting thing for me. I've been having kind of a mixed bag of rides in the arena of late, and even another stupid fall (from a spook from a walk no less - how pathetic can I get :)  I suspect the bad behaviour is partly due to the horses all having spring fever and partly due to me still getting back into the swing of things, as well as generally feeling uninspired and needing some help again. I'm sure Ginger is getting bored of the same old exercises again and again and tired of her rider feeling a bit wobbly and unfit! At any rate, I'm really looking forard to having regular help again. I think I'm over my trail riding slacker phase and ready to get back to learning!

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