Monday 18 March 2013

Spring Fever

Ginny is burning up with Spring Fever. (Yes, it's worthy of capitals and everything - it's a serious disease!) Either that or she has a stash of crack somewhere in her stall. As my riding buddy noted, Ginny was a 'buttface' today. I really can't deny it, she really was.  I must have lunged her for a good half hour before I felt like she was really listening and worn out enough to be safe, but of course as soon as I hopped on and adjusted my stirrup, a mini meltdown ensued. How dare I touch her, I guess. Riding buddy mentioned I might want to sack her out one of these days. Long time readers of this blog will know why I didn't bother answering - we've been through this over and over only to have her show up to work the following day and be a little angel that needs kicking on. Today though, she was upset about me even shifting in the saddle. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, since just maybe she's scared of me falling off again. But leaping around and panicking when I move/touch her really isn't the smartest way to ensure it doesn't happen again ;) I got on and off a few million times until we were cool again.

Before you think this is a pain related thing - I'll be honest, I've considered it and even had the vet out, and may get him out again. Bottom line though seems to be we just run into days like this now and then, where I offend her and she isn't in a forgiving mood. Today, it all started when we had a friendly reminder about being forward on the lunge. She wanted to linger near the gate to visit another horse and was in a testing sort of mood. I swear I just waved the end of the lunge line at her, stepped towards her and clucked. Cue wild pony rodeo and pony brain's absolute certainty that if I approach her I will beat her with that lunge line. Drama. We've got it. She'd make a great poster child for abused horses....except she's never been abused.

Another rider showed on a very fresh horse. I'm familiar with the combo and lets just say they're super sweet but a bit unpredictable. I decided to cut my losses and head out for a trail ride. Thank goodness I did because I heard when I got home that they had a bit of a wreck and there were loose horses running around. Everyone is fine, so I'm allowed to be incredibly thankful I read the situation correctly and got out of there before Ginny and I got involved in that.

Our ride home was uneventful - since she was so full of it I pointed her at the biggest hill I could find and just let her get on with it and told her what an amazing, wonderful girl she is. This was not a day to pick any more fights - we both just really needed to end on a good note, I think.

Cooling out sweaty pony in the sunshine
Ginger's neighbouring paddock buddy was super excited to see me when we got back, so I got manipulated by his cute face and gave him a good grooming. He loved it! He's one the barn owner took in, so he doesn't really seem to have a person of his own yet. I've ridden him a few times and he's a really good boy. He's a cool dude, you can haul him out once every few months and go for a ride without issues. I keep hoping he'll rub off on Ginny a bit, and have a good chat with her about looking after your rider, but his love for her so far seems unrequited and she refuses to associate with him. I'm not sure if he has an official name, but I call him Curly. Because he's got curly hair. So original, I know. Anyway, it looked kind of like he exploded once I was done:

This must mean spring is well and truly here.


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