Wednesday 13 March 2013

Feeling a bit low

The past few days have been a bit rough for me. That last silly fall this past Friday re strained all the muscles in my neck that got whip lashed the first time and also did something to my tailbone - it still hurts to sit :( It's proving difficult to get comfortable enough to sleep. It's a real confidence buster to realize such a minor fall can cause so much inconvenience. G is worried and is starting to hint I should re-think my horse hobby. It's hard not to be upset by that, but I know he means well.

I'm still as determined as ever, though, and in between feeling sorry for myself/angry at myself I've been lunging Ginger each day and even got out for a good hike with her yesterday before the storms rolled back in. Thanks to my recent horsey bad luck, I haven't been up for proper workouts, but I do find hiking the more moderate routes is doable and helps to get my back loosened up. I need to go back on a diet, though - hiking just doesn't keep me in check and the scale readout this morning was a shocker!

I paid my clinic fees yesterday, so that's all officially a go ahead and I'm getting really excited! I've noticed a trend around here - you know when a clinician is coming because everyone is out practicing the few days before hand. I guess this time I'll have to be one of the last minute crammers too. We've got two weeks to get back on track, which I would really like to do since it's always frustrating to pay your money to have a lesson basically recapping things because you or your horse aren't prepared enough to move forward.

Ginger continues to do well. She's put that bit of weight back on already and her summer coat (with dapples!) is starting to show through. Since we've been spending more time than normal lunging, she's also impressing the neighbours with her command of the english language. I talk to her pretty regularly and the past couple of weeks it's starting to become apparent she knows quite a few words, or at least recognizes the tone/intent of them. Walk, trot, canter, whoa - obviously. But also "steady", "careful", "pay attention/listen", "reverse", "over", "quit that" "good girl", and "ok, we're done" (her favorite). I lunged her yesterday in the old ring at the barn, without a lunge line. She was perfect, even with a lot of stuff going on. I love the days when we're so tuned into each other anything seems possible - even out of the saddle it's a pretty intoxicating feeling!

We have yet another nasty storm rolling through at the moment, so barn time today will just be a matter of mucking out Ginny's shelter and making sure she's got some extra hay in her shelter to keep her occupied. I still look forward to it :)


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