Saturday 2 March 2013

First ride back!

After a quick lunge in the round pen, it was decided Thursday that we're both finally ready and able to resume our regularly scheduled programming. We just went for a quick outing through the forest and up the mountain - the loop I usually take after a workout in the ring. It was a nice day and a nice outing -Ginger was remarkably well behaved for not having a whole lot of excitement in her life this month. On the downside, the weather was truly horrible yesterday with rain warnings (150mm expected!) so I just did a quick lunge in the round pen beofre we ran back inside to get dry. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful though!  I'm also crossing my fingers I get onto the list of regulars for clinics - it would be super nice to feel like I'm following a more structured plan again.

On another note, I'm worrying myself silly over work. The offer in Alberta is still there, but I'm really thinking things through. I love it there, but it's incredibly difficult to leave G behind for months at a time. And very expensive to move, especially with horses! I've found myself searching for jobs closer to home and becoming less interested in moving across the country.  All is not lost, however. That job interview I had a couple of weeks ago that was closer to home? No, I didn't get it. But they liked me and forwarded me a couple of possibilities in the same area with some contacts of theirs. Failing that? Well, I don't NEED to work. But I'd hate that for any extended amount of time and feel kind of bored and useless. G has an excellent job here in a very specialized field - so he's not overly portable. I have a career that seems like it is in demand everywhere BUT here lol. It's all a big muddle, especially when the guy is THE guy (8 years already!) I feel sure the right answer will present itself soon enough. But, for now, you can look forward to more postings from the southwestern BC coast. I promise you, summer is beautiful here and there are decent horse shows just a ferry ride away :)

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