Sunday 10 June 2012

What's new?

Not too much actually. This weekend was a total failure as far as the horses were concerned. I made it out yesterday only to be met by torrential downpour along with thunder and lightning. Today was more of the same so I went to the gym for as long as I could stand it, ruined it by eating chips for lunch, then felt fat and guilty so cleaned the house and read some training books to get some self respect back. Trainer girl was away at a show, so thankfully no lessons scheduled. I've got lessons the next two Saturdays and the weather will hopefully be normal and I can get out for some more rides to explore the countryside. I think Lainey may be ready to pony Ginger along which hopefully isn't too much of an adventure. (Please Lainey, don't teach Ginger your bad habits. You are her idol, and with that comes this thing called responsibility. I do not want to spend the next 20 years dealing with your fallout. Particularly that squeal you make when you're feeling good. You know, just before you buck? I appreciate the early warning, but please let's just keep that whole routine between you and I and preserve some of Ginger's innocence.)

In other news, I have a week off at the end of the month and will be going to Vancouver to meet up with Mr. G. We intend to do some horse trailer shopping, which is pretty exciting to me. As a "grown up" I've had horses 10+ years now but never my own trailer! It will make boarding the girls closer a possibility, which will make me incredibly happy. It will also make it much easier to have access to good clinicians and instructors wherever I live. Stay tuned for what I'm sure will be an interesting time because I've never actually pulled a horse trailer. Boats, yes. But did I back up ever? No, not really...I'd plan my routes so I didn't have to ;) Then I'd get all flustered because there would be people in a hurry and waiting to use the boat launch and usually someone would do it for me. Yes, I was THAT girl, so embarrassing. So, since I am a capable and independent woman in every other way, I will learn to use my mirrors and to back up a trailer. Thank goodness Mr G is the most patient man in the world, and the horses are pretty tolerant too, because this may take a while :) Part of the problem is I am not all that great with right and left. I was the kid with R and L written on the backs of her hands and still randomly used either one to write or eat with. I have to think a second or two when given verbal directions, and usually have to peek at my R or L there these days, but I can still visualize them.
Luckily I am just fine with inside/outside - the fence is a great visual- or navigating from a course diagram or a map. I dressage because someone was smart enough to provide letters! Perhaps we'll have to practice backing near a fence so Mr G can call out inside/outside ;) Even better, a fence with dressage letters! I'll be backing a dressage test in no time!

The girls last weekend:


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