Tuesday 26 June 2012

Thunderbolts and Lightning

Lainey is still a bit ouchy on those new feet of hers, so Ginger got called up to the majors and was tacked up for my Monday night group lesson. I was a little apprehensive after our last disastrous attempt at a lesson with the same crew, especially when the thunderstorm we were having was getting closer and wilder all the time!

Ginger was actually really good. She was calling a bit to Lainey, which is a new thing, but I suspect more just an indication she was anxious about the the storm, her upright rider, and the crowd in the arena and looking for a little extra moral support. We also had to switch from the outdoor to the indoor part way through due to the weather. We were both a bit tense and ginger had the giraffe thing going on a bit :) Eventually we both loosened up and relaxed and had a good 20 mins of better work. Ginger was still pretty wary of the other horses but did her best to listen and trust me. She was looking very confident and proud of herself at the end of our hour with all of the "good pony" praise she was getting. I am absolutely thrilled with her, because even with all the distractions she settled and went around and did the best job she could. What more can I ask?

We laugh in the face of danger!:

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