Saturday 16 June 2012

Lesson Day Part 2 : Ginger.

Oh my, was I tired after that ride on Lainey. But the adrenalin was still pumping and I was feeling good. Now, not so much :)

Ginger started out fairly quiet. Still, the trick is to have her soften and stretch down, while keeping bigger movement. If you let her she'll go around tense with her head in the air and behind your leg. Pretty much the exact opposite of Lainey. I naturally feel more in tune with Ginger because I want to ride very quiet and soft. With Ginger, this is good, but even with her I have to be a bit more firm at times so she stays confident in me being there for her. I also need to adapt between the two a bit better, poor Ginger essentially did a pirouette at the beginning of our ride when I asked for a square corner more the way I ask Lainey ;)
We had a nice ride, and got some pretty nice trot serpentines going and some bigger trots across the diagonal. Not much to say, we're creeping along at snail speed, and getting to our destination one tiny bit at a time. When I look back to when she arrived half wild a year ago we're doing pretty darn great. The fact that I caught and tacked up a quiet, well mannered pony and spent a good part of the lesson today focused on my position rather than her probably says it all.
Next lesson for Ginger is scheduled for Saturday, but we'll have a nice quiet hack or two before then.

Random picture of a truck in front of me at a light. This made me smile, because I secretly think its totally awesome. Thank you Mr. Wisconsin plates for your amazing rear window:

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