Sunday 3 June 2012

Little Horse on the Prairie

Lainey and I went for another journey on the trail (aka road since we are in Alberta). It was, yet again, a gorgeous day. Seriously, if I won the lottery, my weekends would be exactly as they are, except they would extend Monday through Sunday :)
So in that sort of mood, off I happily ventured. For five whole minutes I was the happiest girl on earth. Then, I was suddenly reminded my not so trusty pony wasnt sharing the love. She loves Ginger even more than I do, to the point that leaving her is something she wasn't willing to discuss. So, like spoiled children, we argued in the middle of the road.
Her: "My friends are back there" (trying to back up)
Me: "I know, but this will be fun, you'll see" (asking nicely)
Her: " I'll back down into this ditch, then you'll see how determined I am"
Me: "You're being dumb. If you get stuck in here I'm going to just leave you." ( kicking her)
Her: "Yes, I believe you. (Hops out of ditch) " But I am still not going forward." (Mini rear)
Me: "You stupid (bad words). YOU are RUINING our nice ride, and I WILL NOT let that happen. I only get to ride you TWICE a week and YOU are not going to ruin it!"
Yes, I really did say the last part, and I must have sounded suitably angry (channeling my mom!) because she just walked on all casual like nothing had happened. Sometimes I wish I had video so I could laugh at how stupid I must look and sound.
So off we went, sunshine and happiness again. When we got up the road near the buffalo pasture she thought twice. I told her she loves buffalo and she believed me. We continued on and she really did start to enjoy herself, back to my trusty trail pony again. She is the alpha horse everywhere we go, and loves to "look after" humans as well if they dont know better, so I think she believes it's her duty to test my boundaries now and then just to make sure she's not truly queen of the entire world. Usually she tries to de throne me in the most public and embarrassing manner, so I thank her, I guess, for keeping it to a minimum on quiet road in the country this time around.
We were only out about an hour and a half but it was enough to make the stress of the past week disappear. I still cant get over how beautiful the countryside is around here. Another fabulous afternoon on horseback. I so wish I took pictures but I was too busy enjoying myself to think of it.
SO THERE, Lainey! ;)

Here's an older picture of the "trail". Just imagine it so green and blue it hurts your eyes. That's the kind of day it was!

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