Sunday 3 June 2012


Well, Ginger just keeps getting better and better. I had a lesson on Saturday and it was the best yet, maybe even the best ever on any horse. I'm not saying we did all kinds of amazing wonderful things...we didn't, and to an outsider it probably looked very boring. The riders out there will know what I mean though when I say the connection we had was amazing. I've felt bits and pieces of it before, and a few times been blown away by it, but this was above and beyond. I felt like we could do anything and I think she felt the same - happy, confident, and most of all, relaxed.
Today, the good vibes continued and I played with lengthening her trot and some canter work. Previously, I've had issues with both - she was getting very tight and nervous, and as a result, I suspect I do too. Today we floated around and I can't wait to do it again!

I'm still somewhat of a newbie to this dressage stuff. In the past, I seemed to somehow end up with young horses, and they always seemed to find new perfect homes just as we were getting somewhere. And say what you will, none of them really "spoke" to me. I loved them, and certainly got attached, but never to the point that I wouldn't sell if the right buyer came along.

Times have changed, I'm getting to be a big softie. Don't tell, though, I need my horses to stay on good behaviour!

At any rate, back to your regularly scheduled blog. We floated! I've had hints of that with Lainey, a few strides here and there of a really engaged extension. Ginger just does it effortlessly. And I just sat there. Probably doing everything wrong, letting my outside rein flap in the breeze, no inside leg, sitting crooked, too busy smiling. And still we floated :) I'm well and truly addicted.

Ginger striking a superstar pose:

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