Tuesday 19 June 2012

Monday Night Lesson

I jumped on Lainey first as Monday nights are group lessons and Ginger is still nervous of crowds :)
It was pretty rough. It was a dressage lesson and Lainey was not in the mood. Instead of softening and rounding she just wanted to rush and pull and argue. Not fun for me, but a pretty good workout! I'd get her going nicely then she'd start really fidgeting with the contact or lose the tempo. Part of it was of course she's unfit. The other part was she was just in THAT mood and not really wanting to cooperate. If you have a mare, you might come across this every now and then. I know I have those days myself :) At the end of the lesson she just could not stand still and was getting super bitchy that I was correcting her and not letting her give the other horses the evil eye. Silly grouchy mare.

On the plus side, one of the girls in the lesson rode a bit
while we watched and we got to see some beginnings of extensions and collections on a young and made for dressage horse. They made it look so easy. We are starting to play with that with Ginger, who also has an easier time of it, but gets a little nervous that you're asking so much at once! Lainey has a tougher time physically, but can do it when fit. Nothing extravagant, mind you, but the effort is there.

I got on Ginger after and rode as there was just one girl in a walk trot lesson following my ride on Lainey. Ginger handled that just fine, even with hormonal Lainey mare throwing a temper tantrum, running and screaming out in the pasture because Ginger was gone. Never mind that she has the rest of the herd to boss around and could normally care less. Last night her world was ending. Ginger and I only walked around and did a bit of lateral work to keep her interested and make it all not a big deal for her. She must have been fed up with Lainey today because she ignored her completely. She is also sporting a couple of new bite marks, I'm sure courtesy of Lainey, so maybe the love is fading.
Next week I have lessons with both horses on Saturday, a day to ride in my own Sunday, and might try to fit into a jumping lesson mid week with Lainey (she wins, we'll lay off the dressage a bit and do something easy for her!) possibly followed by a ride on Ginger.
Weeknight rides make for a very tired me in the mornings though, I was home last night at 11 and not in bed until 11:30. I also need to solve the dinner problem, something quick and healthy I can eat while I drive!

Lainey stuffing her face, and of course, quite happy:

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