Sunday 24 June 2012

Off to the Rodeo!

I had a last minute invite to the rodeo this weekend. I don't think I've ever been to one before so it was all new to me.
What I think I learned:
-The spare barn boots and jeans I had in my truck are actually NOT appropriate attire for a rodeo. I needed to borrow a bedazzler at a minimum.
-The bareback broncs all looked suspiciously like Ginger
-The calves in the calf roping are really tiny :(
- The "wild" ponies are just kind of awesome. Who knew all those evil ponies we had as kids could have had a real paying career being encouraged to do their worst.
-The bulls are really pretty big
-The bull riders are really small!
-The chuckwagon guys don't want to try out Lainey. Was thinking she'd think it's awesome for 1/4 turn, then think it's way too much work and never pull on me again ;)
-4 porta potties are apparently enough for an entire grandstand.
-An entire grandstand getting served free booze samples.
-$1800 trophy belt buckles. This has a lot of possibility. Why do English people win ribbons? "Yeah, Ginger and I won the walk trot last year- check out my buckle"
- Related to the above, I've never seen so many leather jackets with acronyms embroidered in one place. "Yeah, this is my 2012 competitor coat from the CWTNWT." That's the Canadian Walk Trot National World Tour for those in the know.
-The sun rises very very early this time of year.
- I'm too old to stay up past my bedtime.

Wild ponies doing what they do best:

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