Tuesday 1 July 2014

Viva Carlos Blog Hop : Interested Parties

What originally attracted me to Ginger was her size and nice movement. I was struggling a bit confidence wise and was taking a lot of dressage lessons on my old horse Lainey, who while lovely, is built more for galloping and not so much a fan of boring things like dressage. I didn't want a 'serious' dressage horse, I wanted something smaller and more of an all arounder just in case I got bit by the eventing bug again at some point. Ginger seemed to fit that bill, so I emailed her owner and received a video. The video was what sold me - Ginger was obviously super green and worried but tried SO hard to do everything asked of her. Again, I was coming from Lainey, whose alpha mare attitude made left me feeling like we were constantly in a power struggle....a cute and cooperative pony seemed just the thing I needed.
Original picture sent to me of cute 3 year old Ginger
No regrets either. While I've since discovered that a lot of what I took for super green reactions is just standard Ginger drama, I know that she will always give you 110% of what you ask. She never, ever shows up in a bad mood and is always happy, interested, and curious about what the day will bring. She's the first horse I've owned that doesn't seem to have any hidden agenda for herself - she really just wants to get along with you.
More pics from the ad. She's still got that weird grey color here - amazing how her color has darkened so much

Little Ginger in her winter coat



  1. What a pretty girl! Her head is so gorgeous!

  2. She is really pretty! Sounds like a sweet and talented horse.

    1. Thank you! I'm very lucky to own her.

  3. Nosied may way over here through VC's fab blog hop.
    Ginger looks & sounds fab - am hoping to backtrack a bit & learn more about you both :)
    I'm gutted i didn't discover your blog before my recent trip to Vancouver - oh wells...

    1. Welcome! She's a lovely girl. I hope to be finished work and back home with her in a month or so, then I'm sure we'll have some more interesting stories :)