Wednesday 30 July 2014

Random Musings

After the excitement of last week’s news, there’s not a whole lot of anything happening around here this week. I’m spending non work hours trying to work out all the logistics involved in buying a pony from Place A and transporting them to Place B, all while you’re living in Place C. Place B is also exceptionally hard to get to using a hauler, which doesn't help matters. I've detailed my previous adventures trying to get Ginger home, and right now am seriously wondering why I signed up to try it again. Also, why I bought another horse rather than an (obviously needed) trailer? (For the record, it’s because trailers don’t look like mini Gingers, and nicker at me with their adorable little pony ears pricked forward ;)

Trailer I want. Nice, but not so tempting I can't resist. (Even roaming wild and free out in the pasture with it's friends ;)

Bridget. Like Ginger, but mini. Willpower lost.

I've also been unable to control myself from reading all the tack catalogs and picking out shiny new things for the new pony. For the record, I've blown my entire horsey budget for the next 100 years or so, so looking through tack catalogs is just a huge waste of my time and only leaving me wanting things I had no idea I even ‘needed’ lol. In my resulting sadness, I ate a heap of ice cream for dinner last week, then got a horrible toothache. A trip to the dentist here showed no spontaneous ice cream cavities, so he took an x-ray. Then he was like “Did you know you still have half a wisdom tooth left?” No, actually I didn't. Why my dentist at the time only removed 3.5 and left half of one buried in my jaw so it could abscess later and I could have wisdom tooth surgery a second time in my life is a mystery. I kind of hate him for it, and expect I’ll hate him even more after my appointment  on Friday.(Although now I do have a legit excuse to eat ice cream yummy smoothies all weekend!)  I hope to be all patched up and ready to get back in the saddle for my lesson next Wednesday. For now, I’m just going hide a while longer and try not to make any crazy tack purchases while feeling all invincible on pain meds. At least I'm too stoned to drive in the meantime, so the local tack stores are safe from me for now.

Also, on the teeth topic, this is your friendly reminder have your horses’ teeth checked with their fall shots/check up if you haven’t done so in the last year or two. It sucks for your pony to have bad teeth, and it sucks for you to have to pay for all the extra feed those not so perfect  teeth demand over the winter. 


  1. Ouch!
    Hope you heal up asap after surgery - silly dentist #1! Tut tut tut

    Shall keep everything crossed for your quest to get mini-Ginger home. Heck your car seats & couch/sofas for coinage to splurge on new tack things ;-)
    I am not an enabler or encourager 😇

    1. I pretty much sold the sofa to buy Bridget lol :) But our house could still do with a clean out...;)

  2. Ugh, I hate wisdom teeth! On another note, yay for the new horsey. Bridget is adorable (and I love her name too).

    1. I hate wisdom teeth also! Although google assures me I'm not the oldest person to ever have them removed (again), WebMD is pretty sure I'm going to get a brain infection and die lol.
      I can't wait to be home riding my ponies - my moving date is getting ever closer!

  3. It's so hard to resist buying new tack for your new pony. I hope you are more successful in restraining yourself than I was!

    1. I'd like to pretend I will be, but honestly, the tack catalog is still sitting on my night table in plain sight...calling me...:)