Monday 7 July 2014

Book Review: Share and Share Alike

I was asked by the author if I would be interested in reviewing this book a week or so ago. I read a book or two a week normally, and I obviously love horses, so of course I said yes!

Here's an excerpt of the book description, courtesy of Amazon:

Tessa thought buying a share in the dysfunctional Ta' Qali Racehorse Syndicate would be the perfect distraction from a life best forgotten. Some are willing to distract her with words of woo, while others are able to distract her with just a nonchalant look. 

But neither Hugh's flirtations nor Sin's disregard are diversion enough when their horse, Ta’ Qali, is found deliberately injured. Someone close is responsible and Tessa finds herself questioning the innocence of everyone around her. 

With his nobbler still at large, the race is on to get Ta’ Qali fit and on course in time to prove himself the champion Tessa’s always believed him to be. But he isn’t the only one up against the clock. Love is threatening to leave without her; and win, lose or draw, Tessa’s in for the ride of her life...

I admit I read this and was was a little's advertised as a 'racing romance' and romance isn't really my thing. I also wasn't quite sure what a 'nobbler' was :) As I thought more, it occurred to me that horsey fiction is usually disappointing at best. What had I got myself into? I might not like this book, and then I'd feel bad for offering to review it.

I really didn't need to worry, as I can honestly say I enjoyed this book. I shouldn't have let the advertised genre worry me at all...this book is a good part mystery and racing story. While there is certainly an element of romance, it doesn't come off as totally unbelievable or even the main focus of the story. It's also pretty much PG, I promise :) Instead, there's a lot of great humor and really fun, likeable characters.The racing scenes are well written and should satisfy those looking for horse content, and the mystery kept the book moving right along. I'm not overly familiar with steeplechase racing in the UK, but the horsey details felt right and well researched. Think Dick Francis, but lighter and funnier. I'd definitely recommend this for a summer read - it cheered me up after a stressful day, which isn't the easiest task! To be honest I enjoyed it so much I went to Amazon and bought the rest of the series as well.

If you'd like to order a copy of this or one of Hannah's other novels, here is the
Link to the author's website and online retailers

(And no, the author in no way paid me/threatened me/otherwise forced me to write a good review :) )

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  1. Sounds fab!
    I like a bit of a mystery but too much of a certain genre turns me off after a while. I like the fact that this sounds like a mixture of humour, romance and mystery without going x-rater. Let's not forget the heavy-horsey slant. I am deff going to look into these as kindle books...easy to read on the go!
    thanks for the review!