Wednesday 9 July 2014

Viva Carlos Blog Hop : Unpopular

This week, L Williams asked the following:

Some of us have a lot of ideas and thoughts, well probably all of us. So this is your time to shine and really make a ruckus (no really actually let's not fight about this we can all just agree to disagree about stuff).  What is 1 unpopular horsey opinion you have?

This is an interesting one. I tend to be pretty mainstream, and do a lot of research online to make sure I’m giving my horse the best possible care. That being said, there is of course that one thing…my healthy young horse doesn’t currently have a job (and I’m OK with it)!

I know that’s not an overly scandalous thing to admit, but hey, I live in a small town and it’s definitely caused some negative gossip. (Likely because I’ve declined more than one person’s request to ride her)I’m away working for months on end…pretty pony is just sitting there…what gives? Do I think I’m ‘all that’ and no one else is good enough?(Because, as someone not so kindly kindly pointed out, I’m not and pony would only benefit from that someone doing me a favor and riding/training her for me –people really do suck sometimesL) Failing that is Ginger dangerous or lame? Am I scared of her?(Confidence issues well documented here, but no, they’re not Ginger specific and don’t prevent me from riding her or letting others do so) Surely there must be SOME sort of story?

As any long term reader knows, there's no dramatic story to tell. There are a couple of people we both trust who have permission to take Ginger out on trail rides with her pasture buddy now and then, but beyond that she’s just enjoying the good life. Is that a bad thing for her training? Maybe – I have been known to get a little down over our lack of progress/regression due to my being away so much. But without a local trainer, I’ll choose to just leave her be and pick up on a good note, rather than worry about things going wrong while I’m away. We’ve got a long future together – there’s no rush to get anywhere J

Besides, Ginger really seems to be thriving as Manager of Mowing on the ranch.


  1. Other people eh?!
    No matter how well meaning sometimes they just can't help putting their feet in their mouths...
    Am i right in thinking G is still young? Some R&R to mull everything over is no bad thing & I deff agree with you that no work is better than someone else working & running into issues which you then have to undo - i learnt that the hard way. Although the rider i trusted is very good, she just didn't get on with my Miss K and i spent years undoing the damage!
    Woopsy - lesson learned!
    At the end of the day G is you horse and you do what you want with her - you only have her best interest at heart and as you rightly point out, you have all the time in the world to make any and all progress you wish to later!

    My two are currently champion mowing machines and the size of blimps to prove it as work has also slammed me :(
    Here's hoping we both get back in our respective saddle sooner rather than later :D

  2. I'm down to less than 7 weeks before the outside date this contract is done (not that I'm counting lol) Can't wait to get home and have a few months of R&R (and horse time!) Ginger actually just turned 7! Time flies - bought her as a 4 year old and started/had her in regular work for a couple of years. This past year has been all about my career though so not much time at home and only a few rides this past winter. I've been riding at a lesson barn here and it's just not the same...
    Yes, hope you're back in the saddle soon and enjoying your two as well!

  3. As long as they're being well-cared for, which Ginger obviously is, I don't think there's anything wrong with letting them be a horse. She's out where she can move round, not stuck in a stall, so I don't see why people would have a problem with it. Jerks :)

    1. It's a small town - everyone gossips about everyone even if there is nothing 'bad' to say :) I make a point of always saying something nice about everyone to try to stop the cycle, but still, there are times I'm annoyed :)

    2. What a great trick to break the cycle. I'll have to try it.

      I just found your blog today and love Ginger! I recently watched a sale video for a Welsh pony, bay with four white socks and blaze, and fell totally in love. He was also broke to harness, so I got to see him pulling a cart. I have always loved Welsh ponies cuz the first horse I rode was a Welsh/Arab. Talk about a wonderful mix! Yours is a giant though, too big for me: )

      I went back to try to find that horse to just dream a bit more, and I couldn't find the ad. Probably for the best.

      Are you in Edmonton? I visited once. The mall of course.

    3. Oh, I also enjoyed your description of the weather reports in the PNW. Here in Germany they only have one word for rain, and only two types - hard or soft.

    4. Yes, I'm in Edmonton til the end of August on a work contract, them home to my little town just north of Vancouver in September. Ginger is my first Welsh and I just love her - she reminds me temperament wise of my first horse who was an Arabian - wicked smart, super kind, and just an all around giant personality. She's too tall for me, as well, she just kept growing! Love your blog, been reading it for many years now, I have a little horsey crush on Mara these days!

  4. Interesting topic! I was chatting with friend of a friend about my chronically lame guy who has been getting some R&R out in a retirement facility and she said "please don't tell me he's going to live in a field forever!" I was actually a little shocked that someone I barely knew had such a decisive reaction. Anyway- personally I see no problem with pasture time- especially for a young horse! It lets them just be horses!

    1. Yes, it's amazing what a strong reaction some people have about it - it had never been something I thought about much until suddenly I'm 'that' person and so many people were phoning/emailing/facebooking me to find out whether there is a good story/reason behind it all! I bet your guy is enjoying his R&R - lucky boy to have such a good owner :)

  5. I guess it all depends on the horse. Physically, if their weight is well controlled, walking around in a pasture is perfectly good for them! But many of my horses go batty if they're just left to their own devices (and these are horses that live out 24/7 and only get limited concentrates). When they get used to having lots of attention, they seem to get a bit lost and depressed when suddenly they're just eating grass and not getting the amount of attention they're used to.
    It's only certain horses that seem to do that, though. They need a different kind of mind to love their work (and people) *that* much.
    Ginger is so shiny!! She looks super healthy!

    1. Yes, I've definitely seen a few of those! If Ginger was like that, I'd certainly make sure she was kept busy. For now, she gets brought in at night and groomed daily by the barn owner and has a pasture buddy she's in love with. Life is good, as far as she's concerned :)

    2. She sure looks it!