Monday 14 July 2014

Weekend Recap Part 1

I packed a lot of living into one 36 hr road trip, so I’m going to divide the weekend into two separate posts.
Saturday morning I was up somewhat early in order to make the 800km/500 mile drive to BC. ( I guess I really want to find another cob! Seriously, though, this is the farm I got Ginger from, so I trust their opinions and know they have some wonderful Sec Ds – it’s worth the trip) I was very much dreading the boredom of an 8 hour road trip on my own, but it was actually kind of nice. I’ve missed the mountains and forests more than I thought, and the Rockies are always gorgeous. It served as a much needed mental reboot for work – stuck in my little office all day it’s easy to forget that the work I’m doing is helping to protect some of the most beautiful places in the country.

On arrival, the first thing I noticed when I hopped out of my air conditioned truck was that it was hot outside – super hot, in fact. The daytime highs were around 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). Yuck. We opted to wait for the evening when the weather would hopefully cool off rather than doing anything too strenuous. We found some others that wanted to trail ride with us later in the evening, which sounded perfect, and decided to wake up early the next morning for a second ride. We took some time to visit with the ponies and chat a little more about their temperaments and experience, which was nice. The farm owner is starting to downsize, so she had a couple more for sale than I originally thought. Even so,  the two ponies we decided would most suit my plans were the two we had originally talked about. While we waited for it to cool down, we chatted a bit about Ginger as well. I already know pretty much all I’m going to know about her history - since she came from another breeder who needed to rehome her the details prior to about 2 years old are a little unknown. Still, it was neat to trade Ginger stories! She’s always been the super kind but quirky girl she is today, and it was nice to hear everyone being so complimentary of how well she’s doing.
I'll have one in each color, please :)

 Anyways, on to the sale horses:

Option 1 is the lovely buckskin mare I took for a trail ride on my last visit.

Pretty girl

Option 2 is the adorable little bay mare who is young and green, but very laid back and easy going. I was told she’s the exact opposite of Ginger ;)

I’ll do a recap of the buckskin mare here, then a recap of the bay mare tomorrow in order to not have the longest blog post ever.
The buckskin mare is 14.1hh,10 years old, and has done a little bit of everything. Very experienced, and the go to for visitors to ride, as she’s very steady, but a little fun too. She’s also absolutely gorgeous. She’s put together so, so nicely and basically my dream horse. She’s priced a bit above what I’d like to spend, and a lot more than what I’d ideally like to pay for a second horse so I tried very hard not to get too attached. Since I’d already taken her out before and liked her, I opted to ride her out for our evening ride.
This picture cracks me up - the sun makes her butt look huge!
She hadn’t been out for a week or two, so was a tiny bit ‘up’ and looky, but we were riding on a fairly busy road, then through a rural area with lots of things going on (dogs, traffic, lawnmowers, other horses running up to visit). I’d actually have been surprised if she didn’t look at some of it! We got in a good trot, which was OK –I’m not a super fan of her trot, it feels short and pony like. Canter is incredible – powerful and carrying you forward without rushing. What a nice mare! Size wise, she felt great. Overall, though, there is just something missing for me.  I can’t put my finger on it since she’s gorgeous and nice to ride and has no issues in general. There just wasn’t really any connection there.

 The little bay mare and her trainer were on our ride as well, so we opted to trade horses about half an hour into our ride…



  1. The buckskin is lovely! I can't wait to hear Part 2 :)

    1. I have to give her breeder credit - she has about 6 Sec D's and they all have the most wonderful temperaments (and they're pretty!)

  2. Haha - Baby Got Back in that sun photo, gorgeous headshot above though & she sounds like a total sweetheart. Some one will be very lucky to have her in their lives but it doesn't sound like the "coup de foudre", lightning strike as they say in French...
    Looking forward to the next update...way to build the suspense & leave us hanging + wanting more! :)

    1. She's a really nice mare...but yeah, just missing that 'lightning strike' moment

  3. I giggled at that BUTT

    1. I know! I'm thinking I should reconsider - after all there is value in having a horse that would make my butt look positively tiny :)