Monday 30 June 2014

A Long, Long Weekend

I had a great (and much needed) mini vacation with G and and a bunch of our friends. It's funny how you don't really know how burnt out you are until you're able to take a time out and relax a bit. The concert we went to was a bit of a bust because I was exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open - I tried to pull the 'jet lagged' (Edmonton to Vancouver = 1 hr, ha ha) card but no one was buying it. I was the party pooper calling a cab at midnight before the concert was even over:) Although I didn't mention it here, part of my trip was supposed to be finally visiting a little Welsh Cob I'm interested in. Sadly, some emails were lost in cyberspace, the schedule didn't work out, and I was just too darn tied to consider adding an extra day of driving this time around. Just as well anyways, since G really deserved some time with me doing some of the things he likes to do - football and soccer games and eating a whole lot of really excellent food.

I spent a bit of time by the pool thinking my horsey goals over. I love where I'm at confidence and riding wise and would really like to keep building on that. Ideally I'd find an older schoolmaster type to have fun on and keep doing the jumping lessons with, while continuing to trail ride and bring Ginger along slowly. Little cob mare is super cute and sweet, very sensible and quiet, but greener than I'd hoped to find. She's also a bit smaller than I'd ideally like so I'm a little on the fence about it. Further dieting would be in order, I think. Google says I'm well within acceptable limits, but with jumping especially I feel like less would be better. (Getting fitter is always a good thing, though :)
The cuteness is overwhelming

 For the price, if I was willing to go with a more common breed,  I could get a really well schooled jumping and/or dressage horse with a bit more real world experience. I'm anxious that even a quiet and straightforward younger/green horse might have some kind of unknown quirk that needs serious hours to work through. Not a huge deal normally, but could be overwhelming when I already have the quirkiest mare in town :) Still, I've never met a breed I've liked more, and I love how they are so versatile as well. I'm hoping to make a visit to the farm in a couple of weeks for a test ride. Common sense is being thrown out the window, at least temporarily :)

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