Saturday 5 May 2012

Washing everything for free!

Oh my, what an absolutely horrible rainy day. I haven't seen this kind of rain since winter on the BC coast. It's not supposed to rain like this here!
I got to the barn this afternoon and both horses were soaking wet and shivering. So I grabbed them both to bring them in. Lainey, however had other ideas, getting quite amazingly bitchy because I wasn't letting her eat grass on the way. I'm guessing the girl that leases her has been allowing it...or it could just be Lainey being Lainey. Whatever the case, it was cold and wet and I had no patience for it or her attitude so I was a big meanie and put her back in her field, where she proceeded to throw a huge tantrum. Someone is feeling way too good.
I was happy with Ginger because she followed me up to the barn without a peep while her friends screamed for her. The water was literally dripping off of her, so I took the opportunity to try out some spray on/leave in "spot cleaner" on her. I'm always reluctant to actually leave that stuff on but figured it would be fine to spray it on before I rinsed her off. We had a really nice ride. I think everyone was scared of the weather so it was just Ginger and I. I just focused on quiet and relaxed again and we had some really nice trot work going. I keep it short and sweet so we could watch the derby. I won't lie, Ginger didn't actually watch, but she did stand patiently, so it was all good.
I'm incredibly excited about this derby because Mr G and I spend a few weekends every summer at Hastings racetrack in Vancouver. We love it there because it's a little escape in the middle of a busy city. We just hang out in the sunshine and watch the horses and chat. We try to have a few getaways to Vancouver every year to get to some concerts, sports events, and just generally spend time together. I wouldnt say either one of us is necessarily a big racing fan...but Hastings is always the highlight of the trip and a bit of a tradition. Anyways, a jockey we have been watching there for a few years now was in the derby this year. And he won it! I don't even know the guy and I'm so freaking excited for him! Somehow I think we won't be seeing him this summer at Hastings...

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