Monday 28 May 2012

Things Ginger is Scared of: Pythons.

Pythons are tricky. Most of the time they lie curled up in a tack locker or a grooming tote, sleeping quietly, and are no cause for concern.It’s when they uncoil to show their true size and unpredictability that they areincredibly dangerous and something to run from. They are particularly dangerous in the wind, when they strike out in Ginger’s general direction and cause untold trauma. She has seen other horses caught by them. Their method ofattack seems to be stealthy, in which they coil around an unsuspecting horses leg and slowly suck the life from them. Humans seem unaware of the threat, and in fact, handle the pythons regularly. Ginger is not so sure this is a good idea.

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  1. THIS IS AMAZING. It took me like two months of daily polos to get Murray to accept them, and even then we still had a few incidents (which inevitably happened really close to the end of the polo so he got to spend a long time panicking while they attacked his legs and tried to kill him), and then I had to contend with the hinds.... fucking pythons, man.