Monday 28 May 2012

Sunshine and Trail Rides

Well, this IS Alberta, so the trail consists more of an old road right of way through a hayfield. Not very adventurous and Lainey was thinking we were just heading out to graze, like "Whats the point of this, we're not really going anywhere, so we might as well just stay here and enjoy all this delicious grass..."
No matter, it was super nice to escape the  confines of the arena and we had yet another beautiful day to enjoy. You can tell I'm from the Pacific Northwest by the fact that I am in awe every time the sun shines. Which is basically every day here. People are probably starting to wonder if I worship some obscure sun cult or something.
I also gave Ginger a good clean up...those big white hairy legs are proving difficult to keep even remotely clean. Someone has also managed to rub a big patch of mane out by reaching through the fence boards for grass. She's so funny, her paddock is next to the outdoor tie area where we tack up, groom, etc in the summer. She gets a bit perturbed that the people are not paying attention to her and likes to show off for everyone. She's apparently getting a bit of a reputation as a diva. Imagine that. ;)
Next time I'll pony her out as well. Lainey was pretty full of it this weekend and I am barely adequate to handle one wild pony, let alone two :)
In even more good news, I've found some people to carpool with for weekday lessons and weekend rides. That will be huge, since part of what has been limiting my visits is the fact is about $40 in gas each time.
I'm planning to stay at the current place at least a couple of more months. Trainer girl does such a nice job with Ginger that I want to hold out as long as possible.

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