Sunday 13 May 2012

Another Good Day

The weather was once again beautiful but windy, so a barn trip was definitely in order.
I had a nice ride again today, although there was one tense moment where she scooted forward and then panicked when I grabbed at her reflexively. I'm not sure where that is coming from, she does it on the lunge as well and it's pretty random. So far I've stopped her every time within a stride or two but she gets pretty upset and worked up -I'm sure because it unbalances me a bit and, as mentioned my reflex is "Stop NOW!" and pony trying to bolt is not impressed by having the door slammed in her face. If I was a more accomplished rider perhaps I could redirect that energy to something hard and make her work? Not sure what to do. Right now, I slam the door, then continue with whatever we were doing and keep her working. It makes me anxious because it goes from relaxed, happy horse to leaping around silly pony faster than I would have thought possible. Today I just asked her to resume her trot and held her on a spiraling circle with some ground poles to keep her thinking and we ended on a good note. Amazing how much better we both feel for working through it.
I won't lie, I think if Lainey sells I'll be getting another steady eddy for some confidence. I'm not sure if a full diet of crazy pony antics is going to be good for me, and I still have not so secret dreams of eventing, which at this point Ginger is not ready for. We're still on track for dressage later this summer, though, and when she's "on" she's pretty darn cute. It is discouraging we aren't farther along yet, but I suspect it will be one of those things where it all comes together at once.
Still, only one "episode" per ride is a vast improvement, and she is coming along, although some days it's literally by leaps and bounds ;) I am ever optimistic that with continued effort we are going to have something special together.

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