Saturday 12 May 2012

Beautiful Day

The sun was shining and it was a perfect 21 degrees Celsius. This being Alberta/Saskatchewan it was also super windy. All the better to de-spook the pony, right? ;)
I got to the barn a bit later than normal and once again it was deserted. I think everyone that boards take lessons together and ride together because either I am all alone or it's really busy. Yes, I have no barn friends yet :)
Ginger and Lainey got an upgrade at some point, they're now in a nice paddock right by the barn and have a fair size grass field to use too. That makes me happy!
Anyways, I think I had the best ride ever on Ginger. I took her down to the outdoor ring and she was pretty good to lunge considering it was windy enough the lunge line was catching the wind and doing weird things. Lainey was being a big baby and screaming for her ( I don't really understand it- she hates all horses except Ginger) and Ginger's buddy from her old paddock could see us in the ring was screaming too. Ginger got a bit anxious and called back a couple of times, but it wasn't rude "I'm ignoring you for my friends" so I didn't get too worried about it.
All in all, we had a really nice relaxed ride and even did some ground poles and a couple of cross rails. I was so proud of her with the first cross rail because I could feel her getting a bit unsure, but when I asked her to do it she jumped it like a little hunter pony and went right back to a quiet trot. Which admittedly shocked me, this being Ginger I was expecting at least a little bit of drama!
We did some spirals and shoulder ins, which got a little bit tense (still wonderfully relaxed for Ginger, though) then happily popped over another cross rail and called it good. Days like today make all the bad days worthwhile.
I'm on an iPhone and can't figure out how to caption pictures, so, the first one I had to take a picture to show how relaxed she was...that's her walking quietly on the buckle, in a windstorm-her mane is bad, but not THAT crazy :)
The second is obviously our mini jumps.
The third is just her looking cute.


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