Friday 25 May 2012

Gym Rat

As I'm sure I've mentioned many times, not being able to ride regularly is driving me up the wall...or in this case to the gym. In an effort to stay in decent riding shape I've been spending most of my evenings at the gym. I am short, but certainly not small, and not exactly built like a ballet dancer. I doubt I'll have any amazing weight loss stories for you, but hopefully I can get my fitness back to where it needs to be and be a step or two ahead strength wise when I can get back into a more regular routine with the horses.
I'm incredibly driven to become a better rider and this situation is frustrating.
We had some bad news on the Mr G front in that the place he works at has gone bankrupt and is now being sold to the highest bidder, who will likely close the business and sell the assets. So on a good note, he'll be coming out to work here or wherever else I end up. On a sad note, I won't be getting to go home and go back to my old life.
I'm thinking this is a good opportunity/time for a move to somewhere we can both have it all. Am I the only one who applies for a job AFTER I check out the local equestrian centers and trainers? Forget practicalities like housing for myself ;)

The weather is supposed to be decent this weekend, which is good, because once again I'll be horsin' around all weekend!

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