Sunday 11 March 2018

Spring Cleaning

For the time being, I'm still working 3 days away, then 2 remotely from home with weekends off. Hopefully by June, I'll move to my new schedule of 2 days away and 2 at home. Only being away two days a week is going to be amazing, and 3 days off a week will be wonderful - so much time with G and so much pony time!

Did you bring food?

This weekend though, I have to admit to kind of slacking off riding wise. My work week dragged and I was pretty tired Thurs/Fri nights so I just mucked, groomed, and fed the pony. We trailer down to EC's next weekend and have a few lessons scheduled there before the show the following weekend (and planned Barbie Dream Pony arrival!) so a good part of me is feeling like the next little while will be pretty horse crazy so maybe it was best to have a weekend a little lighter on horse content!

With that in mind, I skipped drill team practice on Saturday morning and went for an epic hike with G instead. Then I spent the better part of the afternoon picking poo from Bridget's turnout field and her paddock and shelter (our boarding digs aren't fancy, but I love that she has her own big sacrifice paddock and shelter on rainy days, plus her own grass turnout when it's drier. That's a lot of square footage for poo picking though!) We got out for a short ride that basically was for both of us to stretch and enjoy the sunshine.

Sunday's ride was a little more intense, just focused on sharper transitions and moving her around in the canter. She was great, but the energy wasn't quite there no matter how I asked. That's the thing with Bridget...she's a bit of a heartbreaker in that she's actually a nicer mover than our new girl. She can be super fancy when she's "on" and potentially quite talented, but the work ethic and energy are usually not quite there. I get the odd ride where she's showing off and absolutely amazing and clinicians are excited and talking PSG goals, then the next where they're impressed we've got to First Level :) She gets dull and uninterested so easily.

Did I disturb nap time? 

As I've said before, we'll keep picking away at this dressage thing as long as I can keep her happy. I do appreciate how much she does try when her default truly is to want to be a sleepy trail pony, and I'm forever grateful for everything I'm learning. I think she's going to be the best teacher ever for her new blonde friend, too.

Spring weather means the blanket comes off! Bridget being her helpful self, of course.

I spent  the rest of the day getting the trailer a spring check up, and me getting mine and Bridget's  gear ready and organized for spring and summer away trips. Also, putting all that poo to good use in the garden. Ponies need their supply of carrots to grow!  Next, back to my crazy commute to work on Monday morning. Life may not ever be perfect, but it feels "right" just now and I'm happy with how all the things I've worked so hard for are starting to come together.

Sunrise view from the ferry commute



  1. Sounds wonderful :) And yes, I bet B will make a great teacher for the young one!

    1. I'm not sure I'd take on a young horse without her!

  2. i love getting all the things cleaned and organized!! and what a good feeling that everything is coming together with your schedule !!

    1. I'm so happy...and yep, feels so good to be organized and ready for spring!

  3. Glad you had a good weekend! Sometimes it's nice just doing chores with the horses and going for a little hack around.

    1. When I had the horses at home, honestly there were months where I barely rode...just hanging out with them and puttering around the property doing chores was just as fun!