Thursday 15 March 2018

3 Words Blog Hop

I liked this concept from 3 Day Adventures With Horses, put the draft blog hop post in my drafts folder, and promptly forgot about it. Oops. content thanks also go to LWilliams for posting her version a few weeks ago and reminding me :)

From Nadia: "Earlier this week I was riding Macy and was thinking, “I wonder what 3 words I would use to describe this horse.” And then I thought, hey, this could be a fun blog hop, or at least a fun blog post. Aren’t we all looking for blog ideas in dreary February?"



Ginger genuinely wants to be a good girl. She wants to be friends with you. She's mid to high level in the herd, and yet I've never seen her kick or bite anyone. She's very cute and affectionate with those she likes.


She's the first to notice your car in the driveway, the first to come say hi. While she's not herd bound, she's always very aware of everyone around her. Left to her own devices, spends all her time hanging out and chatting with her friends, horses and human.


Ginger acts first, and thinks later. She's a very, very smart girl, but she's constantly thinking and worrying. Perhaps some of her seemingly 'out of the blue' reactions are based on this, but honestly, it seems to me like she lives and acts very much in the moment, sometimes with unintended consequences. Luckily, everyone loves her so she is forgiven for her moments of silliness and drama.



B is just as smart as Ginger, and has all the opinions in the world, but you don't know that unless you really get to know her. She's the introvert of the crowd. Doesn't really have friends, spends a lot of time by herself, and is very shy about expressing herself unless she knows you well. The difference between B being miserable or having the best day of her life is almost undetectable to an outsider.


B is very much the type to think things over before acting. Sometimes this is frustrating to me when I want to get on with things already, but it makes her reliable in pretty much any situation. The other day we rode past a weird situation. There was an old fridge balanced precariously on this guy's forklift, in the middle of the road 10 feet from us. Surely he'll wait, surely he's not going to just drop that into the dump truck full of other scrap metal, while it's adjacent to us on the road? Yep, he did. By the time B decided that was exceptionally loud and weird, we were another km down the road, so she spooked at the dump truck as it drove past. Pony logic.


The result of the quiet, thinking pony who really doesn't care too much what anyone thinks! Once B decides something, it's her way or no way. She's incredibly tenacious when it comes to her ideas of 'how it should be'. Observing her in the herd, I'm pretty sure this particular trait is the main reason she has no friends. She's completely disrespectful of herd dynamics, totally cool with taking a beating, and wears everyone down to the point they just ignore her and hope she goes away :)



  1. They're gorgeous. What is your magic to keep the legs white? You live in BC right?

    1. Ginger is a princess and doesn't really get dirty. Bridget is a bit of a pig pen, so I use Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover for that!

  2. I think that Ginger and Irish are very much alike! I would use those words to describe him too.

    1. From reading your blog I did wonder if they might be secret soulmates :)