Friday 2 March 2018

Got A Fever

Sorry, couldn't help myself :)
Bridget has a fever, spring fever to be exact, and the only prescription for that seems to be running around pretending to be way more badass than she is.

Been a while since I pulled out the Pony Wheel of Fortune!
My own fault for not toughing out last week's weather, then heading off for work on the south coast for 3 days and letting her sit too many days out. Actually, her fault a bit too, she's got a big paddock but she's not huge on self exercise - I so wish I took a picture last week. It had snowed and judging by the tracks, she left her shelter exactly twice in 24hrs to walk the 10ft to her water buckets. Whoa there, Bridget, don't overdo it!

So, our ride last night was a little more exhilarating than I would have preferred. There was no point in trying to do much of anything dressage wise, so we practiced our XC gallop a lot in the huge outdoor arena, alternating with lots of trot and gentle bending on a longer rein. Someone *cough Bridget cough* kept trying to get her head down for a buck and bolt, so I rode carefully. The great thing about Bridget is she thinks she's far more athletic than she is, so if she does catch me off guard a lot of stuff she thinks is super badass really isn't too hard to ride. On the other hand, I am not the best rider and she's got me off more times than I can remember, so I tend to toe the line between letting her get the sillies out and me not falling off.

When we were done, she was super proud, and was carrying herself like she was a hand taller. She turned around to look at me, and my only interpretation of the look she gave me was "Thank you, wasn't that FUN! Aren't I the best pony!?" She's so freaking cute sometimes!

Bridget and her less enthusiastic buddy after our ride. AND IT WAS STILL KIND OF LIGHT OUT! Yay spring!

Fingers crossed tonight her brain stays in her head and we can do some proper flatwork :)


  1. They can be so challenging in the spring! Glad that she's just full of herself and not in full on pony apocalypse mode though ;)

  2. I'm ready to get Brantley tested for something because of how well he's handling his winter break and moving into Spring. It he's just waiting for the right moment... Sounds like a great start!

  3. ohhhh man the spring time sillies are coming early this year, i can already feel it!

  4. The good thing is that they will be done early!

  5. pony wheel of fortune made me giggle. A lot :) HA HA HA